Monday, August 17, 2015

Season 9: Lone Witness

My good friend and fellow MSW enthusiast, Kitten, reminded me about the Neil Patrick Harris epi. After some wiki-search, it seems this was the first TV spot he picked after Doogie Howser ended. Which is clearly why he's so ridiculously successful today. Folks, take note. All roads lead to Angela Lansbury.


Jess is in New York City (whip-crack) visiting with a cook book enthusiast. While they argue over bay leaves, Jess finds time to mentor a young writer by the name of Tommy Remsen. He works at the grocery store on the corner, or as they say in NYC the "BODEGA." See, how cultured I am? Anyways, Tommy witnesses his crush, Monica Ever, being killed by a sneak thief. He bolts when shots ring out. The Cops don't believe him, and Jess is on the case in a New York minute. Cue theme music!

The Suspects?

Lt. Steve Warren--Shifty cop who seems eager to pin the murder on Tommy. What could he be hiding?  

Tommy Remsen--
He did have a serious crush on Monica. Were his attentions rebuffed?

Sandy Oates--
Meddlesome neighbor who knows far too much about Monica's habits. Did Sandy's obsession tip her over the edge?

90's Baby!

Monica has the most perfect 80/90s transition perm I've seen in awhile. Softer than the 80's do, with greater emphasis on the perfect curl, and less susceptibility to spontaneous combustion due to a combination of hazardous hair products and open flame. Fashion bloggers, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Famous Actors 

NPH, natch.
The End?

Tommy tells Lieutenant Warren what he saw. Warren pooh-poohs (a technical term) the tale. He thinks he's got the perp in the bag, with Tommy as his key suspect! Jessica believes Tommy, especially when she finds a bullet in the groceries he was delivering. Jess confronts Warren with the evidence, but he isin't convinced.

Determined to clear Tommy, Jess interviews Monica's meddlesome neighbor, Sandy Oates. The Oates-lady tells Jessica that Monica ran with a fast crowd. Jess further confirms this after bumping into some money-men looking for Monica. Apparently, she owed a lot of dangerous people some serious greenbacks. Jess files this information away.

Meanwhile, Tommy's father is worried about his son. Seems he's gone missing. Jess is worried, and together they track Tommy down to an athletic club. They find, not Tommy, but a noted jewel thief shot dead. Tommy is hiding upstairs, and how convenient, there is a gun located right near him. Tommy proclaims his innocence, but the long arm of the law has a prison cell with his name on it.

Jess is at a loss for what to do, until a cooking-metaphor makes a light bulb go off. She stages the old, patented Fletcher set-up. Inviting Lieutenant Warren to Monica's apartment, she uncovers a bag of diamonds in a potted plant. How did she know? It all goes back to what Tommy saw. He didn't see anyone shoot at him. Why? Because the person who did it was hiding behind the killer--the jewel thief's partner, Lieutenant Warren. As he rebuffs her theory, she speculates that he was the connection between Monica and the jewel thief--both had to do his bidding or he would turn them in. As he finally confesses, his partners come in from the bedroom. They had been listening the whole time. And that's how it's done in big city.



Kitten said...

Awesome recap!! Ahh, Jessica's NYC days! So many crime scenarios just waiting to unfold in the asphalt jungle. Yet another epi involving a jewel/jewelry heist. Say "heist" aloud a few times, just for fun. Love that word!

P.S. I bet quite a few peeps were jealous of Monica's perm.

Elsie said...

And by "a few people" I mean me!

Kitten said...

Me too!

Jorja Tabu said...

Hmmm, I don't know how this epi has escaped me. Heists, perms, NPH...I'll add it to my list of musties.

Elsie said...

Get ON it Jorja