Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Season 12: Big Easy Murder

Oh-my-gaw I finally went to NOLA for work. I love it, it's like a lowbrow Vegas, and I LOVE Vegas. I had so much fun I wanted to review an epi where Jess is in New Orleans. I believe there are two, this one features machete murders. YES.


Jessica is researching a book in the Big Easy, and her friend, Jim Nash, was supposed to lend a hand. That is, until he got killed via machete. The detective on the case finds a Voodoo talisman, the killer's calling card! Jess is staying with Senator Brent Renwyck, who assures her she is safe and sound in their ginormous house. For reference, I stayed at a Hilton.

The Suspects?

Brent Renwyck--The Senator got in over his head with his failing nightclub, and word on the street is Jim Nash was investigating. Did he chop out that pesky reporter?

Mel Carter--Muscle for local gangster Frank Roussel. Did he kill Nash for a little NOLA fun?

Frank Roussel--Mobster who "owns" the NOLA nightclubs. Did Jim poke around too closely in his underhanded business?

80's Baby!

Doode, I forgot about the color-popping trend in the 80's. Check out the burgundy awesome to the right.

Famous Actors

Robert Forster  of Max Cherry fame. He's kinda perfect.

The End?

Jessica learns that Jim was investigating a string of nightclub related nonsense. Apparently, local mobster Frank Roussel has been muscling in on different clubs. And what do you know? Jessica's host, Senator Renwyck, has also fallen prey to Roussel himself! Jess struts around New Orleans, investigating the case, with Roussel's muscle on her tail, a dangerous man by name of Mal Carter.

Ye ol Senator gets himself in a bind, when a paternity issue with his wife's estate means a full audit of his business. He knows his underworld dealings will come to light, but just before they do he turns up dead in his house. Jess is hot on the trail, returning to his nightclub to investigate. She notices one of Roussel's mobsters is missing his red rose boutineer. Strange. Well, strange in an MSW epi.

She finds out there was a small puncture mark near Renwyck's hand, and theorizes the poison must have been administered from a small pin prick--perhaps a needle hidden in a boutineer? After a Fletcher set up she confronts Roussel, just when his minon goes for her with a needle--the cops arrive. All is well! And scene.


Kitten said...

How is it that I don't remember this 'sode?! I shall have to watch again, obviously!!

Me, pointing to my orange striped satin shirt and burgundy blazer: "Is this too conservative? I don't want to look too matchy-matchy."

Awesome recap, as always!! The NOLA Hilton is totes akin to a mansion. I want to visit New Orleans even more than ever. Top of my pretend bucket list!!

Elsie said...

Girls weekend?!!

Kitten said...

Super fab idea!!! Yes!

Jorja Tabu said...

Burgundy. Wow--how insane that burgundy used to be a Thing?

Also, NOLA=LOVE for all civilized peoples.

...And uncivilized. For everyone, basically. Yay, MSW in NOLA!

Elsie said...

Jorja I know! There is another NOLA epi in MSW land, have to find that one...

An Binh said...

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