Monday, December 15, 2014

Season 4: Doom with a View

Ok, so in the spirit of giving I'm reviewing an epi with Grady in it. Every time this kid screws something up I want to slap him Three Stooges style. 


Jess is visiting Grady in New York. Due to the roach problem at Grady's apartment (see sentiments above) he takes her to a posh NYC hotel. How can Grady afford such opulence? His old fraternity brother, Garrett Harper, is married to the owner—the cougarish Cornelia Montaigne. An old friend also happens to be staying at the hotel, the beautiful Sandra Clemons. Grady takes her out on an uber awkward date before returning to her hotel room. He intends to drop back in for a nightcap, but what does he find? A dead Sandy. Great job, dude.

The Suspects?

Garrett Harper—Seen leaving the living room of the hotel suite the night of Sandy’s death. Cornelia was convinced Garrett was having an affair with Sandy. Did he silence her to keep his secret?

Cornelia Montaigne—Super jelly wife of Garrett who was losing her mind over his many mistresses. Did she finally snap?

Mark Havlin—Cornelia’s long-suffering right hand man, who is the eyes and ears of the hotel. He seemed on edge after Sandy’s body was recovered. What is he hiding?

80’s Baby!

Witness! The gigantic bow. I had this in all the colors of the rainbow. 

Famous Actors

Janet Leigh of Psycho fame, who is utterly fabulous—as you might expect.

The End?

Garrett admits to Grady that he had been seeing Sandra some years ago. He asks Grady to retrieve a bracelet for him from the crime scene. Devoted idiot that he is, Grady breaks into Sandy's hotel room and is predictably caught. His old buddy Garrett does nothing to defend him. In fact, everyone seems fine with leaving him in jail. After shaming the inspector in charge of the case in a manner befitting an amateur detective—Jess finally gets her break. Sandy came to the hotel frequently, each time receiving large deposits of money. Jess theorizes Sandy was blackmailing someone in the hotel. 

Jessica corners Garrett’s mother—who admits a blackmail-able secret. Garret was already married . . . to Sandy! A secret he was desperate to hide from Cornelia. While both Cornelia and Garrett had motive, Jess can't find evidence of their direct involvement in Sandy's murder. Wracking his tiny brain, Grady explains he saw Sandy place an envelope in her purse on the night of the murder. Putting two and two together, Jess figures this is the marriage certificate. But it's not enough, she needs to schedule one of her patented Fletcher set ups. 

She confronts Mark Havlin, Cornelia’s right-hand man. He admits he knew about Garrett’s secret marriage, and even has evidence to prove it—a marriage certificate. Jess remains silent as he removes it from the safe and flaps it around in front of her. Grady feels useful at this point, and indicates that was the exact envelope he saw Sandy place in her purse the night of her murder. Mark could only have if if he was in Sandy's room that night. Confronted with this damning evidence (I'm being nice), Mark confesses. After killing her, Mark realized he could continue blackmailing Garrett, so he took the marriage license. Jess clucks her tongue, as the killer hangs his head. All in a day's work!


Kitten said...

Oh Grady!! So painful to witness his episodes. Jessica is a saint to keep this relation in her rotation. "Wracking his tiny brain" and "devoted idiot"!!!! Great post! I heart Janet Leigh!

anne said...

What, no mention of the amazing parental tell-off Jessica delivers to Grady which he oh-so-richly deserved?

Elsie said...

Anne he got off so easy!! Jess could have out more effort into it.

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