Monday, August 11, 2014

Season 4: Witness for the Defense

I TRIED to watch Outlander. And the whole time I be like, "when will the time travel start?" Or more importantly, "why watch this when MSW is avails?" #tragicallyunhip.

Jess is in Quebec City testifying on behalf of her novelist friend, Jim Harlan. Jim’s wife, Patricia, died in a fire at the "country house" and he’s about to swing for it. Why don't I have friends with country houses? I feel left out. Ok, back to murder. It looks bad for poor Jim. But Jessica won't let a fellow author get framed for murder.

The Suspects?

Monica Blaine— Former roommate of Patricia's who was blackmailing her about an inconvenient prison sentence. 

Jim Harlan—A witness overheard Jim telling Patricia that he would "kill her" rather than grant her a divorce. Did he?

Judith Harlan— Mommy dearest had to pay a pretty penny to keep revelations about Patricia's past a secret. Did she get tired of the charade?

Famous Actors

Claire Trevor, film noir queen and wearer of awesome sequined garments. 

80’s Baby

Exhibit A is what I wanted to look like in the 80’s. And you know what, I still kinda want to look like that. So sue me.

The End?

Jessica thinks Patricia was dead before the fire consumed the country house. Of course, her logic is pooh-poohed by the defense attorney, a prickly fellow by the name of Oliver Quayle. After he trounces her on the witness stand, Jess is at a dead end. She confronts Jim about his marriage. He admits things weren't great, and that Patricia took out $20k on the day of her murder. Jim also confesses that he had a relationship with Patricia's old roommate, Monica. Jess wants to help but is annoyed with his evasiveness.

Someone else is annoyed, Jim’s mom, Judith Harlan. She comes to Jessica’s hotel room, begging her to leave Quebec City. Of course, this just intrigues Jessica more. She learns Monica was blackmailing Patricia over her sordid past. How did Patricia pay her? Why, mommy dearest, of course. Judith is devoted to her son, Jim, and would do anything to keep him safe.  But it’s not working, because when Monica takes the stand, she further incriminates Jim.

Jess doesn't think it adds up, and when Quayle’s secretary loses her earring, she remembers why (by jove, I’ve got it!).  The day Patricia died, she wore a distinctive brooch, one which was not found with her body. Jim explains it was an expensive, family heirloom. Now who would want to keep such an item? 

Mommy would! Jessica arranges a little bait and switch, and who do they catch in the act of retrieving the brooch? Judith Harlan. She confronted Patricia about divorcing her son, Jim. They fought, and Judith struck her down, snatching her family's brooch for safekeeping. How’s that for protecting the family jewels?


Jorja Tabu said...

I never saw this one! And my obsession with Canada (and MSW) demands I do. Thanks for the heads up :)

abcdefg said...

I just saw this one on the Hallmark channel! Quayle's accent was so thick I could hardly understand him! And what was with the mom's black hat in court??? Yikes! But, of course, it was a great episode overall! Great post! Thank you :)

Elsie said...

Jorja, as I'm less familiar with our Canadian friends, I was a mite confused with all the court room wig, wearing. You'll enjoy it!

Alpha Dude, the accent was just divine, a perfect mix of pompous legal-speak!