Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Season 6: Dead Letter

Guess what—I’m IN this episode! Not me, like really me. Me in MSW land me. Never mind, you’ll see.


Jessica finds a letter in a bureau she bought at the Cabot Cove rummage sale. Being an upstanding citizen, she delivers it to Bud Fricksey. Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, Bud is later found dead in a local fire. Everyone assumes that smoke inhalation is the cause of death, but Jessica isn’t “everyone.” And when the corner determines that Bud Fricksey died of blunt force trauma, Jessica gives the town the raspberry.  

The Suspects?

Lois Fricksey- Woe-begotten wife of Bud, who perhaps got fed up with his quick temper and killed him dead. Cabot Cove has a lot of these poor wives, makes me want to set up a hotline or something.  

Stanley Holmes- Owner of the furniture store Bud was found in. Stanley recently increased the insurance on his business. Did Bud get in the way of his scheme to defraud the company?

Carl Wilson- Book keeper of the furniture store, Carl got jumpy when asked about the company’s financial health. Maybe HE set the fire, and Bud got in the way.

Famous Actors

Not really, but how much do I want to read Robin Riker’s book on “How to Survive Hollywood?”  Do you guys think I should write one about DC? Maybe I would call it, “Soul for Sale: How to Tank Top your Way to the Senate.” Sound off in the comments.

80’s Baby

Remember that glossy/nude lip? Lois Fricksey does.

The End?

Jessica knows the letter might shed some light on Bud's death. So she confronts the original owner of the bureau, who tells her she stashed the letter away at the behest of the writer—none other than Lois Fricksey.

Jessica confronts Lois (they don’t drink any tea or coffee—which is notable). Lois tells her she wrote the letter when her marriage was crumbling. It was written from the heart—a searing denunciation of Bud and a declaration of the marriage as “over.” But after writing it, Lois had a change of heart. With a little help from a subversive post office employee, the letter was “lost.” Jessica, obviously embarrassed, hastens to tell Lois she delivered the letter. Good one, Jess.

Back at the Cabot Cove police station, an uppity career woman named Connie Kowalski (ME) strolls in on the investigation. Armed with teased hair and a snazzy suit (my signature look)—Connie declares the scene was arson, “plain and simple.” After berating Sheriff Metzger, (I berate men daily) she accuses Stanley Holmes of fraud. Stanley hems and haws, claiming the business was doing well. Putting that aside, Connie expertly concludes her investigation, declaring that benzene was the accelerant used to start the fire.

Jessica thinks back to the day she bought the bureau. There was one person who offered up his “special stripping formula” to Jess. And GUESS what the main ingredient is? Benzene! Sorry, Carl Wilson. Jessica tag team’s Carl with Stanley Holmes. She confronts him on the benzene, while Stanley details the extent of Carl’s book keeping fraud. Apparently, Carl wrote bad checks with the company money.  Bud was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.  


Anna Ruth said...

This episode was one of my fave cause it's funny with that lady and Sheriff Metzger! Hahah funnayyy!

Elsie said...

Yes Anna! I totally loved the spunky lady in this one.