Friday, June 6, 2014

Season 5: Weave a Tangled Web

WHAT a pleasure to review this epi. Seriously, Anna Ruth was right on the money in selecting this one. We have Jessica fakey-drunk dancing AND a bizarre impression of a "low-class" accent. Onward!


Cabot Cove's resident womanizer, gambler and all-round awesome husband, Eddie Bowman, is found dead in his motel room. Left at the scene of the crime is a note pleading to be "left alone" and a set of house keys. Sounds like a case for the Fletch!

The Suspects? 

Vivian Proctor- Breadwinner of the Proctor household and consummate business woman. "Detectives" (I use this term loosely) find out that the keys left at the crime scene belong to Viv. Her stationary was also matched to the note found at the scene. What reason would she have to kill dear ol' Eddie?

Ralph Proctor- Househusband of Vivian and subject of several dated soliloquies of the "unnaturalness" of men staying home and watching the kinsfolk. True to form, Jessica poo-poohs this sexist nonsense. Nevertheless, if Vivian was carrying on with Eddie, Ralph would have a nice little motive, wouldn't he?

Frankie "The Barman"- He served Eddie the night he was murdered. Deduce from that what you will.

Famous Actors

Old timey actor Mel Ferrer worked in "summer stock" when he was 15. If you've never seen the summer stock reference in Howard Stern's Private Parts, I must insist you rectify that ASAP.

80's Baby!

Jessica rocks the sh*t out of a white trench coat. The fit of which is quite 80's in a oversized shoulder pads kind of way.

The End? 

Jess is interested in the case, but has to jet up to NYC to sign some books and go to an event benefiting kids with cancer or something. I'm not being flip, I just can't remember exactly what the charity is supporting. At the event, she turns around and guess who is there--Vivan Proctor, living a double life as the wife of another man. Vivian begs Jessica not to tell, and Jess complies for the time being. She learns that this charade has been going on for quite some time, and that poor stay-at-home, emasculated Ralph is none the wiser.

Returning to Cabot Cove, Jess finds the new Sherrif (remember that switcheroo?) has already locked up Vivan's husband--convinced the house keys are a sign of his guilt. Jess decides to do some digging on Eddie Bowman, hence the low-class accent, dancing/drunk scene that I took a nice little snap of for your viewing pleasure. There are worse things to watch when you are getting ready for work, right?

Jessica learns Eddie owed lots of money to Augie, a small time crook. She confronts Vivian, who reveals Eddie was blackmailing her about that minor double-life situation. Fearful her secret would be revealed, Vivan paid Eddie $50,000 in cash the night of his murder. But where did the money go? Jessica goes incognito once again, and get's an introduction to Augie, who in his fury about not getting paid, confronts the one person he thinks saw the trade off. 

That's right, "The Barman," Frankie was present when Vivan handed over the $50k to Bowman. Frankie followed him to his motel room and killed him, taking the money for himself and framing Vivan by planting her keys as evidence. Jessica encourages Vivian to reveal all to her husband. Ralph, as you may recall, was just falsely accused of murder and now has to learn his wife has another husband. And that, my friends, is what we call "marriage."


Anna Ruth said...

Haha! See I was right.
Lol I liked how you said ' the fletch' I think I'm gonna be using that around the house, I usually say J.B. :D
Once again love this blog!

Kitten said...

I rock the shhh out of a white trench too.

Awesome post!!!!!!!!!

abcdefg said...

You are so so funny! Thank you for your wit, your irreverence, and of course, your love of JB. :) More posts would be much enjoyed!

Elsie said...

Thanks alphabet! I respond well to requests for posts!

Alexander Sarmiento said...

Fun fact: Gloria Loring, who played Eddie Bowman's ex-wife Margo...

01) was married to Alan Thicke.

02) starred in "Days of Our Lives".

03) had a No. 2 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 with her duet with Carl Anderson, "Friends and Lovers".

04) sang the theme song to "The Facts of Life".

05) is the mother of Robin Thicke.

Elsie said...

Alexander you beauty!!!! I'm on a wiki-binge now! Thank you for this knowledge.