Friday, May 30, 2014

Season 4: Indian Giver

I must warn you all that I am susceptible to flattery.  Or requests for updates, either/or.


An “Indian” (how long has it been since you’ve heard that term) declares an old land grant awards him ownership of Cabot Cove. To press his point, said Indian throws a spear with a copy of the land grant at the Mayor’s podium. When Addison Langley, the town drunk, turns up dead with the same spear impaled in his chest, Jessica is on the case.

The Suspects?

Helen Langley—Beaten wife of town drunk. So we can all agree she has a motive.

Tom Carpenter—Brother of Helen and town enforcer. He didn’t take kindly to his sister being used as a punching bag. Did he take matters into his own hands?

George Longbow—He does like throwing spears, could he have taken the land fight to the next level?

Famous Actors

Nothing that turned up in my half-assed IMDb search.

80’s Baby!

Hello Texas Tuxedo! Not so much 80’s as it is practically perfect in every way.

The End?

The first thing you should know about this epi is it plays the music that you hear when you get a facial at a fancy-pants spa. Like rando-flutey-Native-American-esqe-coyote-howl type music. Also, I love it when Jess teams up with Doctor Seth Hazlitt—they are a super team. Seth notes the body has been moved and theorizes Addison must have been killed elsewhere. He also finds traces of varnish on the man’s hands and sand scattered on his person.

Not to be upstaged by a small-town doctor, Jessica turns her focus to the land grant, which appears to be genuine. This throws the town into an uproar—real estate deals are questioned, men with briefcases are upset, mass hysteria! Before they start hanging witches, a learned professor indicates that George Longbow cannot possibly be linked to the land grant, as a smallpox epidemic wiped out any Algonquins who could inherit. Wow, I am REALLY happy my anthropology degree paid off. I didn’t even need to spell check that joint.

Attempting to cast reason into this cauldron of intrigue (credit: mine), Jessica visits the dead man’s wife, Helen Langley. She is beat up pretty badly, and Jessica offers to make coffee—noticing the kitchen furniture has been freshly painted. Helen claims Addison never came home the previous night, and not wanting to pressure a beaten woman, Jess lets the subject drop. But when Helen’s brother, Tom Carpenter, hauls in George Longbow in his pick-up truck, trussed and (not really) feathered, she wonders whether someone is rather eager to pin the murder on him. Following up on a hunch, she searches George Longbow’s motel room, finding carefully planted evidence. Someone is trying to frame him alright, Jess just needs to determine who . . .

She confronts Helen Langley with that pesky bit of varnish on her husband’s hand. If he never came home that fateful night, where did the paint come from? Helen caves, saying he came home and lashed out at her. She took a kitchen knife and stabbed him. He caught a kitchen chair on his way down, which left the trace evidence. Helen’s brother came to help, planting the body and setting up George Longbow as the most likely suspect.

Jessica shakes her head sadly before we cut to a more jovial scene. Cue a cheesy joke about a peace treaties and freeze frame!


Jorja Tabu said...


Is it still flattery if it's earnest and not smarmy? Does sincerity somehow lessen the flatterishness?

Sirious. Love it.

Elsie said...

Awwwwww Jorja I share and revel in this love! And it probably drives my lazyself to update more. A good thing.

Anna Ruth said...

Elsie once again I loved your blog! I actually liked this episode!
Can I request you do a blog post on an Epi? It's 6x06