Sunday, April 27, 2014

Season 4: Old Habits Die Hard

I had book group this weekend, which is turning into a monthly meet up club where no one reads the book and everyone drinks. Not necessarily a bad thing, just a thought for your Sunday afternoon.


Jessica’s old school mate has the illustrious position of Mother Superior at a convent. Jess is conveniently visiting when one of their members, Sister Emily, commits suicide. Knowing Sister Emily would never do such a thing, Mother Superior begs Jess to take a closer look.  And because Jessica never sticks her nose into other people’s business without her nephew, old school mate, etc. asking, she readily agrees.

The Suspects?

Sister Sarah-  New nun (I don’t believe this is a technical term) who is between a former lover, Mike Phelps, and her commitment to the convent. Was the pressure too much for Sarah?

Mike Phelps-  Former boyfriend of Sister Sarah’s who is desperate to win her back. He doesn’t hide his disgust for Sister Emily’s role in “turning” his former girlfriend away from him. Did he take the ultimate revenge?

Marian Simpson- Friend of the convent, and wife of Mayor Simpson, a man with a burgeoning political career. Would she want to harm Sister Emily?

Famous Actors

Ohh! Lots of old timey stars here, Jane Powell  and Evelyn Keyes for starters. We also have the fabulous Eileen Brennan of Private Benjamin and Clue fame.

80's Baby!
Check out these super-fab, super-tight acid wash jeans. Y. E. S.

The End?

Jessica finds a vial of heart pills and a suicide note, so it doesn’t look good for Sister Emily . . . but Mother Superior insists that, “even if the note was hand-delivered by Moses” she wouldn’t be convinced. Unfortunately, the convent Bishop isn’t inclined to biblical analogies—not even one that references the Old Testament. He tells everyone to drop it, and Jess has to change tactics.

Jessica learns Sister Sarah was absent from the convent the night Sister Emily died. After confronting her, Sister Sarah tells Jessica she just wants to be left alone. This is code for boy trouble, so Jessica tracks down Mike Phelps and confirms through Fletcher trickery that he was with Sarah the previous evening.  

Despite that dead end, Jessica follows up with a private investigator who interviewed Sister Emily before her death. He was looking for leads on a young girl who was at the convent many years ago. He talked to Sister Emily about it, but wasn’t able to make much headway. He did leave a photograph of the girl, one that was strangely missing from the crime scene. After some digging, Jessica learns the girl he was looking for was an un-wed mother. Jessica surmises that Sister Emily not only knew the girl, she also knew who the father was. But who would want to silence her?

Marian Simpson! It was HER husband, Mayor Simpson, who got a girl “in trouble” all those years ago. Knowing this would hurt her husband’s career, Marian killed Sister Emily a la syringe of poison to the neck.  As she walks toward Jessica, syringe in hand, the Bishop leaps out from the shadows and pretends to save the day. 


Jorja Tabu said...

I think 'Fletcher Trickery' is a technical term. :)

Elsie said...

Along with ye 'ol Fletcher set up, now THAT happens all to frequently in MSW land. I should try it in real life.

Anna Ruth said...

When are you going to update again? I love anything MSW! :))