Monday, March 3, 2014

Season 4: It Runs in the Family

I'm doing my taxes. WHAT could possibly make me feel better? Why, Angela Lansbury playing Jessica's English "cousin" in a MSW epi.


We open in jolly old England with Miss Emma McGill, famous stage persona and cousin of none other than Ms. Jessica Fletcher! "Em" is enjoying a pint when a mysterious solicitor comes calling. An old friend, Lord Constable, wishes to see her on a matter of urgent business. She shows up, only to have him die during a romantic picnic. Which one of his greedy relatives is to blame?

The Suspects?

Johnny Constable-  Son (or brother? I can't tell) of the deceased who favors fast women and deals with shady businessmen. Sounds like 99% of the men I work with in Washington, D.C. Johnny is next in line to inherit, did he get impatient and turn to murder? 

Pauline Constable- Uber spoiled and deliciously snobby daughter-in-law. Did Pauline's greed get the best of her?

Famous Actors

Christopher Hewett of Mr. Belvedere fame. We also have a pre-nose job Jane Leeves from Fraiser. 

80's Baby!

I'm awarding bonus points for this female tie/shoulder pads combo. Let's also add half a point for the "lets curl the bangs and ignore the rest" hairstyle. 

The End?

There is a whole lot of "Cherry-ho!" "I'd should like that car spotless!" and "Take my automobile," in this epi. Moving forward with our English stereotypes, our little working-class Emma McGill is suspect numero uno- as we like to say in North America. As such, she is eager to help the constable in finding the culprit behind Lord Constable's death. The cause? Poison of course! Emma admits she left the picnic basket out before departing for her rendezvous with Lord Constable. Did someone tamper with it?

Lord Constable admitted to Emma that his father recently died under suspicious circumstances. She speculates it's murder by design, someone is anxious to inherit the titles of the illustrious Constable family. But who could it be? She begins working her way through this incredibly tiny list of suspects. Emma turns her sights to Johnny Constable, next in line to inherit. After sharing a pint with his woman-of-the-moment, Emma dismisses him as a suspect based on no evidence that I can see.

Which leaves us to the woman with the most screen time! Pauline Constable. Similar to calling the end of Law and Order (more than 10 minutes left after final court scene = twist in the storyline), we know Pauline is the culprit. Coming from humble beginnings, Pauline is obsessed with being "someone" and that someone was to be Lady Viscount Constable Whos-a-whatsit. It's hastily staged by Emma and the constable offers her a position as a detective. Tally-ho!


Anonymous said...

I just recently got into Murder, She Wrote! Glad you're still blogging about it!

Elsie said...

Welcome cine! MSW is timeless, glad you have discovered it.

Jorja Tabu said...

Not sure I ever saw this one! Hmmm. There is always more depths of MSW to plum. /Britishish

Elsie said...

Jorja there are a few "across the pond" epis that feature Jessica's "cousin." Not my thang, but better than Grady...

Steve_uk uk said...

I always thought the Irish episodes were Murder She Wrote at its worst..

Quinn said...

A fan, eh, Steve? Well, I won't serenade you with would ya like to spoon with meeeeee then? 😂