Sunday, February 9, 2014

Season 4: Steal me a Story

FACT: I cleaned my house today in 30 minutes. It is more the "appearance" of clean, but it counts nonetheless.


This is one of those epis that MSW "revitalizes" every season. Hang with me, you'll see what I mean. This one is about Sid Sharkey, a “cut throat” television producer who steals Jessica’s story for his own. Like everyone who crosses Jessica, he dies a sudden death—finding himself on the business end of a homemade bomb. Which I guess would mean any end, right? In any event, the bomb is hidden in a pink gift with a jaunty bow on top. That must mean it is personal. 

The Suspects?

Burt Puzo-  Camera man with a past who was on the outs with Sharkey. Did sour grapes lead him to murder?

Fried Schmidt- Sharkey’s long-suffering secretary. Reason enough, me thinks.

Gary Patterson- Lead actor in Sharkey’s TV show, who watched as his character received fewer and fewer lines. Was he mad enough to take it out on the boss?

Famous Actors

Fionnula Flanagan of the “Others” fame, And THE Yaphet Kotto Of my all-time fav cop drama, “Homicide.”

80's Baby!

I readily admit to secretly loving the 80’s makeup look. Liner, lips, shadow, blush, hair. REPEAT!

The End?

There’s lots of yelling in this episode. Something I’m not used to putting up with on my coma-like Sundays. I guess it will prepare me for the work week. After the murder, Jessica is banned from the set, but she’s too wily for that. While questioning Gary Patterson, he requests she  improve his scripts. Now on the set in an official capacity, Jess is free to investigate—and deftly determines Gary is your typical actor, and therefore not a reliable suspect.  

Next up is Sharkey’s secretary, Freda. Seventeen long years working for Sharkey made her plenty miserable. Especially as he promised her an assistant producer shot, only to keep her firmly behind the filing drawer. I kind of see myself in Freda. Wow, this post just got real. Moving on.

Jessica thinks she knows who is at the bottom of Sharkey’s death, and with the help of Freda does the old Fletcher set up. They have Freda “hold up” Burt (I know) who swiftly blows his cover.  Apparently, he had planted another bomb, but Jess was in on the threat. She gamely offers him up to the police before returning to the homey confines of Cabot Cove.


Jorja Tabu said...

Ah, Cabot Cove. Where all murder-solving biddies return after their fake heists and script shens.

I want to go to there.

Elsie said...

Concur Jorja. I wonder what their property taxes are like.