Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Season 4: The Way to Dusty Death

When I got this:

 I was like this:

Duncan Barnett, douchey executive of Barnett Industries, invites his board of directors to his fancy-pants New York home. They all expect Barnett to name his successor, but he basically insults them and goes to bed. The next morning he is found dead, floating in his bathtub, outfitted in the smallest baby blue speedo you've ever seen in your life. 

The Suspects?
Kate Dutton- Wife of an ambitious board member who was treated poorly by Duncan. Did she decide enough was enough?

Morgan McCormack- Weaselly board member who has been licking his chops to get at Barnett industries. Did he get impatient and off the boss?

Lydia Barnett- Daughter of the victim who would inherent a nice slice of the pie with Barnett Industries. Did daddy dearest have to go?

Famous Actors
Ray Watson, aka Mr. Hand from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. My spell check wants to change "Ridgemont " to "Idempotent." You decide.

80's Baby!
My mom had the exact same pair of tribal-inspired necklace and earring set. I might have coveted it.

The End?
Being on "the board" Jessica is there to help determine the true cause of Barnett's death. But the other board members are focused instead on electing a new president, enabling them to get their hands on the lucrative company. They elect Morgan McCormack as interim chairman, which seems to satiate him for the time being.

Jess presses the po-po for a cause of death, and they determine that Duncan Barnett died due to electric shock. She investigates the crime scene, searching far and wide for Duncan's nightly brandy, which has seemingly grown legs. Noting Morgan's erratic behavior, she confronts Morgan about the brandy. Apparently, Morgan spiked it with enough poison to kill a horse. But someone got there before him . . .

The night of Duncan's death, Kate Dutton went into his bathroom to appeal to him about her husband's career aspirations. Apparently, Duncan (still in his baby blue speedo) asked her to change the channel on his TV. She changed that channel alright, throwing the TV into the tub and killing him via electric shock. Duncan's daughter takes over the company, and Jess is happy because I feel like she believes in affirmative action.


Kitten said...

Moral of the story, men...don't ask a woman to change the channel!

Elsie said...

And don't "bath" in your blue speedo, lest you be found dead in it.

Kitten said...

When I'm found dead, I hope I'm at least in my "dress sweats"!!

Lucy R. Fisher said...

The title is a quote from Macbeth. The victim is called Duncan. A wife persuades a husband to murder the man who stand in his way. One of the characters is even called Ann Hathaway! But I don't think there's a Jessica in the original play...