Thursday, January 30, 2014

Season 4: Trouble in Eden

Ok I have like, 20 minutes before my barre class and I'm torn between eating before or starving through it. I choose to eat. And to MSW. I choose to live, dammit!

Mary Rose Welch is nervous her sister's recent "heart attack" is really cold blooded murder. When Mary Rose is clocked with a car, Jess is at her bedside, convinced something nefarious is afoot. Together, they hatch a plan to travel to the small town of Eden to investigate. But Jess has a twist up her sleeve, she travels to Eden AS Mary Rose, hoping the townsfolk will be none the wiser. And let's face it, these are salt of the earth, "country folk," so no problems there. 

The Suspects?
Rev. Manchester- Naughty pastor with a salacious secret. Did Charlotte find out and blackmail him?

Dr. Lynch- Charlotte's physician with an alkie problem. Did he drink too much and go after sweet, dear Char-Char?

C.J. Dobbs- Local fat cat who was pulling a con on Charlotte. Did she find out and get even?

Famous Actors
Actress Betty Garret who, fun fact, was investigated by a House committee for un-american activities in the commie-crazy 50s. This, I wish on no one.

80's Baby!
Hello perm, have we met? P.S. Yes. Yes, we have.

The End?
Jess arrives at the Hotel Eden, where Charlotte lived and "worked." By worked I mean the Garden of Eden is a brothel and Charlotte was a "cat house madam." This scene is worth putting down your bowl of Cap'in Crunch to watch immediately. Especially as MSW is back on Netflix. Please do NOT get me started.

So after Jess finds out what kind of "business" Charlotte is in, she get's a tip from a nosy maid. Apparently, Charlotte's will and estate holdings are mysteriously missing. After closing the brothel down for a few days (the girls are, admittedly, disappointed) Jess questions Lilia, who helps out around the place. Lila tells us that she saw two men at Charlotte's bedroom the night she died--Rev. Manchester and Doctor Lynch. 

Jess tries to question Rev. Manchester but get's the runaround from his cranky wife. If my pastor husband was visiting a brothel, I be pretty upset as well. Finally, Jessica catches a break. At a tense meeting with our three suspects, they reveal Charlotte was actually blackmailing them. All are perfectly ignorant of the secrets Charlotte held over them. Every suspect but one. That's right, C.J. Dobbs bragged to Jessica about Dr. Lynch's alcoholism, something that he couldn't have known about. Apparently, he tried to run a con on Charlotte, who called him out. He killed her, taking her blackmail evidence with him.

Now I'm off to squeeze, squeeze hold. Tight, tighter, squeeze!


anne said...

I just watched the YouTube clip on "squeeze squeeze hold." Is this how one learns to strangle people with one's thighs? Like in the James Bond movies?

Elsie said...

Anne you have just created a new Barre class! Barre Body Weaponry!!!! I shall tell my instructor asap. In other news, now I want to do a James Bond marathon this weeke ;)

Jorja Tabu said...

I vaguely remember how scandalized my grandmother was when we were watching this episode. I don't remember being scandalized by what I recall as completely ridiculous outfits, though, I'm pretty sure I thought it was The Rapture ;)

Elsie said...

Jorja it's all very clearance rack at TJ Maxx.

Jorja Tabu said...

Which totally explains my child-mind explosion. SCANDAL=i am fascinate

Elsie said...

Ahahha Jorja!

If Scandal were like real-life DC everyone would be wearing ill-fitting Jcrew. Myself included...