Monday, December 2, 2013

Season 4: South by Southwest

Thanks to devoted reader Jorja, we have a new epi for you today. How will I do the others? I have no idea. But that's like, never stopped me ever in life. Moving on.

Jess learns from her "Murder Takes the Bus" experience and Amtraks it to Texas. I mean, really. If there was ever a reason to fly, 82 hours on a train is it. She meets "Judy Taylor" in the dining car. After becoming fast friends, Judy vanishes, leaving her unfashionable bag behind. Jess goes to investigate Judy's compartment, and while searching it is greeted by a man wielding a gun, asking where "it" is and calling her Sarah McLeesh. Luckily, reporter Richard Loomis is around to disarm her attacker and toss him off the train. Jess learns Judy Taylor's real name is Sarah McLeesh and she lately witnessed a murder. Soon after, Loomis is shot dead. WHO is responsible?

The Suspects?
Millie & Jack Ogden- Friendly train couple who seem to be hanging around at just the right time and place. Are they undercover spies?

Ron Guzman- FBI agent who is assigned the Sarah McLeesh case. How did a man in charge of her protection seemingly let her slip through his fingers? Unless he was the inside man. BTW how genius was that movie?

Radley- Held Jess up at gunpoint to retrieve information stolen from the NSA. A fairly easy suspect, no?

Famous Actors
If you stretch your definition of famous we have Richard Riehle of "I have people skills" Office Space fame and copious reverse mortgage commercials. We also have Keith David of Clockers and Platoon.

80's Baby!
You have got to check out the slow motion fall at the start of this epi. Some stunt double made his salary that day. Also a "credit card" machine features prominently. Te-hee!

The End?
Because this is Amtrak the train is TOTALLY delayed. Jess slips off in the middle of the night and the next day does something horribly moronic. She TAKES THE BUS. Has the world gone crazy? A cross-country bus? Goodnight Irene. Anyway, she goes to Sarah McLeesh's hometown in Arizona, which, I kid you not, is filled with people riding horses down the street. I lived in Arizona for three years and have never witnessed this. Perhaps I needed to get out more.

Jess is convinced Sarah McLeesh is in hiding somewhere. She finds a badge to the National Security Agency (NSA)  and basically waltzes into the NSA and tries to hack into a computer. Can you imagine the litany of charges you'd be faced with in real life if you did this? But in MSW land, the NSA needs Jessica's help (I believe the present day NSA might need some of it as well). Apparently, some codes have been taken from the NSA by a murdered analyst, Sarah's friend Peter. The codes access U.S. satellites, so the NSA is anxious to have them back.

Jess finally locates Sarah McLeesh, who readily ID's Guzman as the man who killed Peter. Thinking Sarah is in danger, Jess takes her on a wild goose chase with FBI agents and blah blah blah. But when Sarah talks about her "nephew" Jessica realizes something. Her nephew was part of her cover story as Judy Taylor, there wasn't a nephew in real life. Why would Sarah lie? Because SHE was the one that killed Peter. She acted as a terrified witness and planned to sell the codes herself, to whom you ask? Our friendly train couple, the Ogdens, who shot Loomis dead when he got too close to the truth. Guess where the codes are? In a Gameboy Jessica found in Sarah's purse. So basically a little blockbuster called "Enemy of the State" is entirely based on a MSW epi. Mind, blown.


Jorja Tabu said...

So damn glad I found that epi :)

Re: your blog: mind, blown.

Elsie said...

It brings to mind my fav Janet Jackson song. "It's all for Jorjaaaaa!"

Or something to that effect!

Evergreen said...

Can someone explain the title South by Southwest,
If Jessica is going to El Paso from Maine, I understand the S by SW, but, Judy Taylor is going to Sanford FL from LA, so would she not be on a train going East or maybe SE part of the way.
How can they be on the same train, should not they be going in opposite directions ??
I know I must be missing something very trivial, it is probably obvious, but my brain is not comprehending it ??!!

BTW, great movie , one of the best !!

Unknown said...

I think the title is a play on Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest. Another spy film.

Stephen Jackson said...

They are both going from the west coast I think. It is confusing, but I think it’s supposed to be understood that she is traveling from the west coast to a speaking engagement, and then back to Maine.