Monday, November 11, 2013

Season 4: When Thieves Fall Out (Or When I Cancel Netflix)

Before we start, I have some beef:

Netflix, let me ask you a reasonable question. If you don't stream MSW, what DO you do? Exactly. Also, there was this. Sound off in the comments loyal readers!

Parolee Andrew Durbin appears on Jessica's doorstep to rent a house in Cabot Cove. Andrew was convicted of a roadside murder not 20 years before. Jess finds it odd he is hanging around town, and just days later car salesman Bill Hampton is found killed. I would be more descriptive but Netflix IS NO LONGER STREAMING  AND I CAN’T REWIND TO REFRESH MY MEMORY.  

The Suspects?
Andrew Durbin—Threatened Bill at his car dealership days before his death, insinuating Bill had something to do with the murder Andrew went to jail for. Not a bad motive, eh?
Coach Kevin Cauldwell—Seen at the prom with Bill Hampton the night of the roadside murder. If both were involved, did one threaten to expose the other? Things get heated when that happens. 
Arnie WakemanUber rich man about town whose wealth is as fake as his paraplegia.  Did Bill make a bad deal with Arnie and pay the price?

Famous Actors
 I’m just so upset about this Netflix thing I can’t bring myself to research it.
80’s Baby!
 That no-hair-gel shaggy, center part thing.  

Looking Smokin'
The End?
 Bill’s widow begs Jessica to investigate and because she is a loyal friend, she agrees (e.g. not dissimilar to a loyal customer). Jess begins with the 20-year old roadside murder. Apparently, Andrew Durbin was hitchhiking, and got a ride from a man with lucrative bonds in his car (I currently have an old curling iron in mine). Andrew claims they were driven off the road, and the driver swerved and hit his head. Andrew went for help, and when he returned, the driver’s head was bashed in, the bonds stolen.

Jessica thinks there is some connection to Bill’s death, but Andrew maintains his innocence. Jess accuses him of returning to Cabot Cove to seek revenge, which he readily admits. He tells her the prom was occurring on that fateful night, and is certain it had some connection to the car that ran them off the road. 

Jessica interviews her next suspect, the wealthy Arnie Wakeman. Arnie is seemingly wealthy, and Jess wonders whether the stolen bonds had anything to do with that. Wheelchair bound Arnie turns out to be nothing more than a fraud, an awesome clip you could watch for yourself if Netflix was streaming.

Now certain there is a connection to the old murder, Jessica questions Coach Cauldwell about that night. He tells her he had the flu and left the prom early. But Jessica finds evidence to the contrary, locating a picture that clearly puts Coach Cauldwell at the prom later that night. Apparently, this is enough to get him to confess. Coach Cauldwell took a drunk Bill Hampton home the night of the prom. When driving, he swerved in front of the car Andrew Durbin was in—making the driver run off the road. Coach Cauldwell returned to the scene, saw the bonds, and decided he deserved them.  


Netflix, I hate you.


anne said...

I am quite unhappy about the Netflix thing. And if the reboot is the reason why Netflix dropped MSW (not saying it is, but the timing is suspicious, and I haven't heard a plausible explanation), then that's NOT COOL.

Leaving aside the possible Netflix connection, I'm okay with the idea of a reboot IF it's done well and IF the main character is not named Jessica Fletcher because THERE CAN BE. ONLY. ONE!

Elsie said...

Anne you read my mind! I think the Netflix lameness has something to do with the reboot. To what end I am not so sure...I am anxious to see the reboot but I fear I won't be into it.

Jorja Tabu said...

Netflix is bogus. I hate that they rip things away from availability with no notice at all... Because then it might expose their lucrative back-door associations with NBC to stream the reboot everyone is ambivalent about! It's a plot for Jessica Fletcher to sort out.

I have zero interest in re-boots any more. I think I'm just going to watch Sleepy Hollow--the only original show on television, which also means it has some bizarre, glaring flaws, but still! Original--and call it a day. I like Spencer but I have faith a different role will match her talent.

So sad this will affect your recaps, cuz they iz awesomesauce.

Elsie said...

Totes Jorja!

The assumption that Netflix watchers of the original MSW would transition into the reboot is bogus to the core. And if that is behind their decision, well, fiddlesticks!

This will certainly impact my epi recaps. But I'm currently trolling ebay for old school MSW DVD's. Wish me luck...

Jorja Tabu said...

A-ha! Questionable ethics to the rescue--thank you youtube (that is the only time I will probably ever say that):

There's probably not enough goodness to sustain you forever, but hey, here's one :)

Elsie said...

You rock Jorja! I shall take my epis where I can get them!