Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Season 4: A Fashionable Way to Die

What’s that you say? You want to know my goings-on this furlough season? Why, naturally, I did the following:
Watched the Pirates of Penzance (2x)
Had a GM “Faith” sing-a-long (Baaabay!)
Talked myself out of this tutorial
Finished the second Lucy Pinkston (cheers/jeers!)

And NOW, possibly the best part of being furloughed for nearly a month, near daily MSW epis.

This is the “MSW in France” episode, which shows us how well things were going during season four. Jess is there to visit her friend, fashion designer Eva Taylor. Taylor has strained her business to the last seam (nah!) but puts on a fashion show anyways. After it concludes, her financier, Maxim Soury, is found dead a la gunshot wound.

The Suspects?
Lou Watters—Famous model who always seems hard up for cash, would she kill Soury for a slice of the tart?
Eva Taylor—One of Eva’s buttons was found at the crime scene, and she had signed a really crappy deal with Soury. Did she choose the bang-bang method of saving her business?

Valerie Bechet—Lover of Soury’s who was jealous of his wife, and his alleged other mistresses. Did she interrupt Soury with one of them, making this a crime of passion?

Famous Actors
Michael Voletti has the only authentic French accent in this entire episode. Just thought I’d mention it.

80’s Baby!
Eva Taylor’s fashion show is a highlight of all that went wrong in 80’s fashion, including one outfit I swear I saw on discount at Spirit’s Halloween website.

The End?
Gallic Inspector Panassic is on the case, finding a “pornographic” photo of a woman at the crime scene. He won’t let Jess see it, regardless of the fact that women are quite aware of what a naked female body looks like. It appears that Soury had several mistresses, something his wife knew about but wanted to keep hush-hush. One of these women is Valerie Bechet, who claims to have been singing at a nightclub during the time of the murder. However, one of her coworkers points out that Bechet was missing in-between her acts.

Jess confronts her friend, Eva Taylor, about the shoddy deal she had with Soury, and shows her the button found at the crime scene. Eva admits the button is from her coat, but denies having anything to do with his death—instead she is over the moon over a new crop of investors due to the success of her Halloween-costume designs. They are interrupted by Lou Watters, anxious for her check from the fashion show. Jess finds it odd that Lou “needs” the money so badly, unless . . .

Lou was being blackmailed by Soury over her own nudie pics! After questioning several maids-with-bad-French-accents, Jess realizes she missed something. There were two shots fired that night, at different times—by two different people! Lou Watters was the first assassin, dressing in Eva’s clothes she intended to kill her blackmailer. But she didn’t succeed. When Maxim Soury called Valerie Bechet for help, she slipped out of the club and arrived at his hotel room. When she did, she noticed her daughter’s purse—insinuating he got friendly with her daughter. Ouch. Enraged the man would stoop that low, Valerie took the gun and finished the job. Au revoir!




Jorja Tabu said...

AW YISS Jess in France! So, so good. I vividly recall the clothes, as well. Thank you again for giving me a good laugh-out-loud moment today :)

Elsie said...

Merci! This epi was fun, though Im a sucker for the Cabot Cove locals in general.