Sunday, June 3, 2012

Season 8: The Monte Carlo Murders

I find it hilarious that when you google "Monte Carlo" the Vegas hotel shows up and NOT the Monaco resort town.... America, #&^! yeah!

Jess is visiting....wait for it.... an old friend!  I know, right?  She never does that.  Anywho, Annie Floret owns a fancy-pants hotel in Monte Carlo.  I NEED THESE TYPES OF FRIENDS.  Annie is up to her eyeballs in debt and about to lose her property to the evil Earl Harper.   When Earl turns up dead, Jess turns out the suspects. 

The Suspects
Barbara Calloway-- Local con artist slash floozy who is in cahoots with a famous jewel thief.  I'd call that a high-risk lifestyle. 

Scott Larkin-- Was burned by Earl Harper in the business arena.  Got into fisticuffs with Harper before his death, did he want to get even?

Annie Floret-- Obviously had the most to lose with Earl Harper still walking this earth.  Did the hotel mean more to her than his miserable life?

Famous Actors?
I'm calling out Patrick Bauchau if only for his delicious accent.  So delicious, you'll want to take it out back and get it pregnant. 

90's Baby!
This epi outlines a weird fashion blah period between shoulder pads and hammer pants.  So, it's noticeably boring is what I'm saying. 

The End?
Inspector Morel is the only one in this entire epi with a proper accent.  Granted, he's played by the dashing Patrick Bauchau.  For the rest, it's basically, "Oui, oui madame!  Zut alors!" and that other such nonsense.  I have to say though that Jessica's French is immaculate, aber natürlich.  At the crime scene, Earl's wife notices her diamond necklace is missing.  So the next day, Jessica puts on a pepto bismol pantsuit to review the crime with Inspector Morel.  She learns that Barbara Calloway is in cahoots with a jewel thief.  But Jess pooh-poohs the idea of her as a serious suspect, as we all know cat burglary and murder are TWO different things.

Inspector Morel keeps pressing the idea of a jewel thief, which Jess finds interesting.  She turns her attention to her old friend, Annie Floret.  Because she's brilliant, she knows Annie messed with the scene of the crime, and confronts her.  Annie breaks down and admits she did it to protect her son, Ritchie.  Jess isn't buying it of course, despite Annie's tears.  Its not until the hotel boy, Armand, is murdered that the diamond is recovered.  Purportedly, Armand was in the pay of Scott Larkin, Earl's business enemy.  Before he died, he uttered some last words to Jessica, which initially make no sense to her... until...

Jessica thinks of another meaning for the famous last phrase.  And I'm not looking up the proper French spelling for it, so just forget it.  Its not until Inspector Morel shows up to profess his undying love for Annie Floret that Jessica knows why he killed Armand AND Earl Harper.  He killed Earl to help Annie save the hotel, Armand tried to blackmail him so he was next.  And yes, even though he just killed two people, that accent... my god....  He escorts Jess and Annie out of the hotel like a gentlemen and then goes straight to jail.  I guess life can be tough for the dashing.