Sunday, September 16, 2012

Season 9: Dead Eye

Well helloooo MSW land. I'll have you know that even with a free Showtime preview I'd rather watch MSW. Green Lantern notwithstanding.

This epi features an obscure JFK assassination plot related to mobster Santo Angelini AND a writer's convention in Miami.  That was exhausting to type. It's not until a a man connected to Angelini, Mr. Frank Hemit, gets murdered that Jess begins to unravel the twisted knot of the past.

The Suspects
Laura Callan- Daughter of Bernie Callan, a deceased PI who had photographs and negatives that linked Angelini to the JFK assassination. Did she find something out about daddy she wanted hidden for good?

Santo Angelini- Mobster tied to the JFK assassination. Did he do what mobsters do and kill the man responsible for connecting him to the crime?

Dr Farrah- Writer of a book centered on the JFK assassination, which would have lost millions if Jess reveals a different theory of JFK's assassination. Did he find the sword mightier than the pen!?!

Famous Actors
HA, Ben Masters, AKA Julian Crane on Passions. Wow, that takes me back. Like eating a Cup o' Noodle after Planetary Sciences, waiting for Days to end so the roomie and I could watch the latest midget-vampire storyline back. What, you didn't do that?

90's Baby!
Jess is looking very trim in this epi... Maybe it's a 90's health craze thing.

The End?
Jess offers assistance to Laura Callan after her room was "tossed" at the hotel they were both staying at. But what could the criminals be looking for? Perhaps PI Bernie Callan's negatives that cast new light on the assassination of JFK!!!! Jess is hot on the trail of this find, bringing the FBI and the local cops to rally around her theory that someone is willing to kill for those negatives.

Jess gets very cranky when her hotel room is tossed. She's convinced the negatives are at the bottom of the entire mess. She goes straight to suspect numero, er, two, Mr. Angelini. She asks him directly if he was connected to the assassination plot. He blows her off, but not before she makes it clear she recognized him in Callan's negatives.

Up next on her list is Dr. Farrah. He is nervous about his fall from grace if the negatives debunk his book on the assassination. Jessica reveals as a young reporter he changed facts when reporting on the assassination, purportedly to support his pet theory. She leaves him, jaw firmly dropped, and proceeds to the next suspect...

None other than Laura Callan!  After a neat little stand-off where Laura is momentarily held captive by Angelini in exchange for the negatives, Jessica  doesn't even let her catch her breath before she accuses her of murdering Mr. Hemit. Jess reveals that Hemit was working for Angelini, but wasn't killed by him. Laura, after learning of Hemit's role in her father's murder, killed him herself. JB gives a knowing nod (below), before we cue the credits!


Kitten said...

I love the knowing nod pic!!! She does look very trim...I wonder if this was after the fitness video.

Great post! I too have almost been lured into watching The Green Lantern...ha. Let me know if it's any good!

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