Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Season 6: The Error of her Ways

I thought this post was timely, what with the ponzi-esque missing money plot n' such.  HAPPY FOURTH EVERYONE!


Jess made a bad investment in a real estate scheme in Palm Springs.  The svengoolie?  Clark Randall, who winds up dead.  Jess promptly points the finger at his wife, Marian Randall.  The fall out from the crime is Marian is booked, and promptly offs herself via a pill and car-running/monoxide manner.  Jess feels a bit sheepish as she determines whether or not Marian's death was really suicide...

The Suspects

Sterling Bose--Sterling worked for Clark and lost a ton of cash after the real estate scheme fell through.  Did he get even in a murderous manner? 

Kay Webber--  Kay was more involved in the real estate scheme with Clark than she leads on.  She was also intimately acquainted with Clark, if ya knowwww what I mean.  Was she tired of being used, and murder both Clark and his wife out of spite?

Pauline Byrne-- Pauline was also in cahoots with Clark (whew), and was also a big investor in the real estate project.  After finding out about all the others did she snap?

Famous Actors?

Elliot Gould who really has not aged since this epi, like, at all.

90's Baby!

Remember those boxy, faux double-breasted taffeta dresses that you wore to church with a matching bow? Yeah, those are in here. Also some really inventive hairstyles that looked good with perms, like the french braid that you ended early, letting the permy goodness cascade down your back. I rocked it, no shame.

The End?

Police Lieutenant J.T. Hanna, once a fan of Jess, is now firmly blaming her for Marian's initial booking and untimely death.  Jess is adamant Marian is responsible for Clark's death, but is still unsure whether or not she really committed suicide.  So she takes his barbs in stride and does some sleuthing of her own. 

Jess knocks Sterling and Kay off the list almost immediately.  Determining the former is nothing but a bloated playboy (we have a lot of those in DC), and the latter was just Clark's plaything.  After Lieutenant Hanna digs into some rental car records, they discover that Pauline has some 'splanin to do.  I have to say, it was sort of hard to hone in on Pauline earlier, so many of these 80's blondes look alike. 

Jess confronts her with the evidence.  Pauline rented a car to jet off with Clark.  She also had a particular barbiturate prescribed to her, which happened to be the exact one used to kill Marian.  I say circumstantial, but Pauline confesses on the spot.  Marian did shoot Clark (and promptly fainted) but he didn't die.  Learning of his thievery, Pauline finished the job with a pillow, and later murdered Marian to keep her quiet.  Friends like these, huh' Marian?


anne said...

Elliot Gould really _doesn't_ age! He is, was, and ever more shall be.

Kitten said...

Agreed about Elliot Gould's agelessness. And the ageless look of a French braid combined with permy/curly goodness! I rock that look even now.

Hello, my name is Kitten...and I've been a complicated braid addict since 4th grade. Forgive me father for my sins! ;)

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Matthew James said...

And the music sounds like the Dexter score if you pay attention to those creepy violin sweeps.