Friday, July 6, 2012

Season 3: Crossed Up

Let me start off by saying that this, despite the overwhelming presence of Grady, is such a great episode! We're in good ol' Cabot Cove...Dr. Seth Hazlitt has so many acerbic one-liners...there's even a dead patriarch and plenty of robes to be worn. Counter alerts all around!

Jessica has been on bed rest for a few weeks after throwing out her back and Grady is on the scene to nurse Aunt Jess back to health with his tuna pot pies. No wonder everyone starts questioning her sanity after a few weeks of that treatment! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Cabot Cove is in the midst of Hurricane Ida and during one stormy night, Jess tries to place a call but accidentally overhears a murder plot over her line. When local town lumber baron Jedediah Rogers is found murdered the next day, it is confirmed that Mrs. Fletcher could never be weak in the head.

Seriously though, seated bed rest is just awful for back injuries. But I'll give them a pass since that was probably standard practice back in 1987 TV land. At least let the woman lie down with some supportive pillows, for God's sake!!

The Suspects
Leslie Cameron- Jed's orphaned granddaughter. Not much of an alibi for her, just being asleep in her bedroom at the time of the murder. Sound sleeper! My kind of gal. She revealed to Grady that all the Rogers sons were about to be cut from Jed's will the day after the murder.

Morgan Rogers- Jed's son and first to the crime scene. Didn't seem too shaken up about dear old daddy's passing and yet another flimsy alibi is presented..."I was working in my wood shed"...right!

Adam Rogers- Another Rogers offspring, he got a tad more creative with his alibi of taking a girl "sailing" during a hurricane. Eww.

Gordon Rogers- Final Rogers son, he and his wife were supposed to be at their cabin at the time of the killing. Sounds weak to me! Hopefully no "sailing" was going on!

Dody Rogers- Gordon Roger's pinchy-faced, domineering wife. Penchant for haughtily walking around while stroking a luxurious white Persian cat. If that doesn't scream evil mastermind, I guess you haven't seen as many movies as I have!

Abel Gorcey- A little too obvious for my taste. A former Rogers employee who was caught stealing at the mill. He vowed to kill Jed once sprung from prison, and was actually the hired hitman Jessica overheard about on the phone. Alas, he himself was killed a few hours before Jed Rogers' time of death. Oops.

Famous Actors
Tony Dow as Gordon. He's uber famous for portraying Wally on "Leave it to Beaver". Such acting chops!

80's Baby!
Just a quick shout out to Leslie Cameron's puffy-sleeved lacy high-necked blouse, replete with sparkly brooch and an unflattering vest. The vest is really quite early 90's of her...well-played on being so fashion forward, Leslie. She is, after all, looking to attend fashion design school!!

The End?
Turns out the raspy-voiced man on Jessica's line was Gordon after all, suffering from a reaction to his wife's prized "puss". (Did I just write that?!) However, none of the brothers could've killed Gorcey due to their presence at a union meeting during the time of death. That leaves Dody to do the dirty work. Too bad Jessica waited long enough in viewing the incriminating phone records to allow Dody to sneak into the Fletcher manse with a gun, demanding to see Jed's diary. No need to worry for our ailing Jess, though! She activated the seemingly unnecessary med alert button Seth gave her so that the police and paramedics arrived conveniently just in time to nab Dody.

"Dough-dee" is this a real name?


anne said...

THANK YOU for reviewing this one! It's one of my all-time faves!

So, what'd we get for counters? A "dead patriarch," a "favorite robe" and a "Jess held a gunpoint?" Since all three brothers were looking for Jed's diary in his desk drawer, does that qualify as a "snooping through files" hit?

Kitten said...

Awesome! You're welcome! Yeah, maybe Elsie should decide about the "snooping through files" counter...I was thinking the same as you!

anne said...

Drawers were opened and closed - that's good enough for me! :)

Kitten said...

Ha! Well, when you put it that way...

Elsie said...

ohhhhh this was so satisfying, I snorted several times!!! And the word "Puss" should never be used on television...

anne said...

Or at least not in the same context as "sailing." ;)

Isabelle Pau said...

Was the actress on bed reste for some reason and included it in the ├ępisode?

Isabelle Pau said...

Was the actress on bed reste for some reason and included it in the ├ępisode?

VintageGoodiesEtc said...

I think Jessica being confined to bed rest was just a plot device. I have a lot of muscle pain myself, and she did not move like someone in real pain or with restricted movement! This is one of my favorite early Cabot Cove episodes. Tuna omelette anyone?

Thomas Bates said...

"Tuna Surprise" It has real tuna. Surprise! I really wanted to know if another house was used besides the Blair House.