Saturday, May 19, 2012

Season 9: Night of the Coyote

Jessica is in New Mexico this week, prepare yourself for coyote-talk and injun stereotypes!

Jess is visiting an old friend in a small town called Silverville.  It's your usual southwestern town, reaping tourist dough with gaudy western reenactments.  But in Silverville, it is the yarn about lost treasure that gets most hearts thumping.  It's not until Max Teller, owner of a local museum, turns up dead that Jess decides hunting a murderer and lost treasure is her idea of a vacation. 

The Suspects
Earl-- Local farm hand who was employed by Max.  He had been ripping him off and was recently fired.  Did he decide to make good on his threats?

Tony Sable-- An old associate of Max's who went to the slammer due to his testimony.  A reason to hold a grudge, yes?

Charles Strickland-- Local ginger historian, HIGHLY suspicious. 

Famous Actors?
Graham Greene makes an appearance as Sheriff Sam Keeyani.  I always liked him. 

90's Baby!
Nothing terribly offensive, but the earrings are still quite ridiculous. 

The End?
Sheriff Sam Keeyani is on the case, appearing out of nowhere with his Native American powers... Seriously, when he is onscreen they cue that nature music they play in spas.  He pooh-pooh's Earl involvement, as the marks near the body were sneakers.  And everyone knows cowboys like Earl wear boots. 

After asking around, it's clear that Max's turbulent past may have played a role in his untimely demise.  Sheriff Keeyani questions Tony Sable, who was found driving Max's car around town (?!).  He convinces the Sheriff he meant Max no harm, just wanted to purchase some of his land. 

Jess gets a bite of fortune fever at this point, wondering why Tony would be offering money for Max's land after being burnt by him in the past.  After uncovering an old western journal in Max's possession, Jess notices some unusual numbers on the front cover... coordinates?  Obviously, Jessica has watched "Goonies" because she puts two and two together and finds the spot, a spot with dried blood...

After a good old Fletcher set up, they lure Charles Strickland to a site near the coordinates.  Charles' footwear matches the shoe print found at the scene, which is enough to get him to confess.  Charles had seen the journal, and had been searching for the treasure on his own.  When Max called him on it, he killed him.  Treasure... its a b*tch.


Kitten said...

Oh "Goonies"! if you can believe it, I've never seen that movie. Shocking!

Awesome post! Wasn't there a nasty, money-grubbing wife with too much jewelry/make-up in this episode, or am generalizing??

anne said...

You're generalizing. It would be easier to list the episodes that _didn't_ have a money-grubbing wife with too much jewelry/make-up!

Kitten said...

Ha! True!!

Elsie said...

Kitten I direct you to go out and WATCH goonies!

Elsie said...

RE: the money-grubbing wife, see Anne's comment above!

Kitten said...

Meh...Goonies schmoonies...