Sunday, April 8, 2012

Season 7: The Prodigal Father

The uniquely amazing thing about MSW is the only thing you notice jumping from season to season are the awesomely bad fashion artifacts of bygone eras. And that, my friends, is why I love it.

And, Happy Easter!


Jess's next door neighbor, Bonnie Hastings, gets a disturbing visit from a man claiming to be her father, a man by the name of Ned Jenks. Ned robbed a bank before sort of faking his death and disappearing, but even so Bonnie begins to shine to the old man. Well, it's too late because he winds up dead for real this time.

The Suspects

Herb Walsh-- Was in the bank when Ned robbed it, and was shot by Ned in the process. A reason to hold a grudge, no?

Gil Blocker-- Worked at the bank when Ned robbed it but was mysteriously absent during the dirty deed. Was he Ned's silent partner who wanted it to remain that way?

Dave Hastings-- Hubs of Bonnie who was none-too-pleased when Ned traipsed back into town and into his living room. Did the pressure to rid himself of this new addition to the family prove too much to bear?

Famous Actors?

Well, the one I was most excited about was Larry Wilcox, who we last saw in "Powder Keg." He plays the angry working man quite well.

90's Baby!

This is off-topic but I can't stand another preview for "Happily Divorced," it's killing my happiness. Slowly. And painfully.

The End?

Jess is convinced that Ned WAS, in fact, Bonnie's father, what's more, she is not entirely convinced he was living high off the hog from that bank heist. Apparently, 200 large was taken from the bank, but Jess can tell Ned was without this type of cash.

Before she can solve that puzzle, she focuses on suspects. First on the list is Herb Walsh, someone who publicly threatened Ned's life. But he doesn't have much to fear from our Jess, as Herb was at a church event the night of Ned's murder. Jess turns her attention to Gil, the bank worker who was off the day of the robbery. Because of the robbery, Gil got promoted, something Jess notes with a smile and a wrinkle of her nose. Such a minx!

While Jess is following up on credible suspects, Sheriff Metzger arrests Dave Hastings, as the wire on his truck matches the one wrapped lovingly around Ned's neck. Dismissing this as utter twaddle, Jess focuses on the telephone number Ned kept calling incessantly. The number seemingly telephones the Laundromat, but Jess thinks it called someone else 20 years ago, back when Ned was living in Cabot Cove...

You guessed it, it called Gil Blocker, Ned's accomplice 20 years ago. Gil took the 200 large from the heist, Ned eventually got wise to it, and came back to expose him. Jess leaves the dirty work to the Sheriff this time around, taking a stroll with him afterwards to wrap up the case nicely.


anne said...

Totally agree about Larry Wilcox - if they made "Angry!Blue Collar TV," he would be Larry the Angry!Cable Guy.

Claudia Christian, who played Bonnie, went on to become Cmd. Susan Ivanova in "Babylon 5" - it's kinda weird to see her in a down-to-earth role such as this one.

Elsie said...

YES! That was bugging me, thanks for ID'in Claudia Anne!