Saturday, March 10, 2012

Season 6: Test of Wills


Jess travels to a remote island of an old acquaintance, Henry Reynard, purportedly because of his odd promise of pledging $1 million to charity. Instead, he tries to get her play detective to find out who is trying to kill him. Apparently, her skills are a bit rusty because he dies, like, hours into her visit.

The Suspects

Preston Howard-- Henry's soon-to-be nephew whose credentials weren't exactly what they were presented. Did he have an ulterior motive in killing Henry?

Kimberly Carson-- Granddaughter of Henry's and the only one who seemed truly upset he died. She's still a suspect because I've seen this actress in like a million MSW epis and that, my friend, is highly suspicious!

Jason Reynard-- The only son of Henry, set to inherit his entire fortune. Was famously estranged from daddy dearest, did he get antsy for the millions and off him?

Famous Actors?

Just a whole bunch of B-list, soap opera nonsense.

80's Baby!

I forgot how huge earrings got.

The End?

Well, the suspects narrow down quickly, because Preston gets shot to death in the pool house (with the candlestick... just kidding). And then Henry really enrages Jessica by showing up, ALIVE, in his study. She gives him a neat piece of her mind, before the cops show up and start asking highly unintelligent questions.

Jessica shows us how it's done, finding an earring that belonged to Valarie Reynard, Jason's wife. They both have an alibi, which annoys everyone. Luckily, Henry was such a perv that he's videotaped sections of his house (please stop me if my paranoia ever gets this bad). The tape shows Valarie Reynard en route to a liaison with Preston. Jessica notes that she may not necessarily have killed him, she just- ahem- you get the picture. Val claims Preston went back to retrieve her lost earring.

The cops are all over it, but Jess isin't convinced. She corners Kimberly in the pool hall, which is apparently the place to be. It doesn't take much convincing to get Kimberly to confess. In love with Preston, and distraught at his deception, she shot him in cold blood. Jessica gives Henry a good lecture before departing, after collecting her million bucks. That's our gal!


anne said...

Erm - I thought Kimberly was distraught and was going to shoot herself, and Preston tried to stop her and got shot by accident? But then, it's been awhile since I last watched this epi.

Elsie said...

What can I say? Im just not buyin what Kimberly is sellin. But let the record show that she had JB convinced Preston's murder was an accident.

anne said...

Lol! Touché! It brings up a valid point: are those confessional flashbacks reflections of what actually happened, or just a reflection of how Jessica envisions it all went down?

Elsie said...

My fav MSW's are when Jess isin't convinced of someone's role in the murder. And then the epi ends with that pondering look on her face...

Thanks for keeping me honest Anne! I rely on your encyclopedic knowledge of MSW.

Kitten said...

I also enjoy Jessica's "hmmm, what if???" look at the end of an episode even more than her sad "justice was served, but was it really just?" look. ;)

The Pansy Bastard™ said...

THANK YOU FOR THIS! I was trying to remember if Henry was killed after he revealed he wasn't dead and it was going to drive me nuts!

Elsie said...

No prob PB!!

Alexander Sarmiento said...

I liked the part where they read the updated will, only to learn that they get nothing while Jessica gets everything. Considering that Jessica and Henry had only met once (at a literary conference), they assume that she banged him good that one time to merit a $50 million inheritance.