Monday, February 20, 2012

Season 4: If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly

Jess and I were BOTH at the beauty salon today! But while in this epi she's getting that perm re-fluffed, I was getting my nails did. If those beauty service aint a sign of the times, I'm not sure what is.

Night deputy Johnathan Martin's lush of a wife, Audrey, is found dead. Unfortunately for Johnathan, she meets her end in their home, and he wasn't answering his radio at the time of her death. Still, Jess wants to lend a helping hand to Johnathan, who's innocence she is confident of in that typical Jess way of hers. So if he didn't do it, who did?

The Suspects?
Loretta Speigel-- Beauty salon owner who was conveniently absent during the time of Audrye's death, AND had an affair with Johnathan. Did she kill off the wife to bring them together?

Phyllis Grant-- Travel agent who resented Audrey's crappy attitude, given they were related in a Kevin Bacon sort of way. Did she get sick of the drama and off one of her own?

George Tibbits-- Friendly mailman who happens to win the New Hampshire lottery. Strange, given he was selling tickets to Audrey merely the day before. Quite the coincidence...

Famous Actors?
Not that I care to research.

80's Baby!
Remember those hair dryers you used to sit under for the monthly perm action? Yeah, I didn't either. Maybe that's because we economized by having mom do it on the back porch. As mom used to say, don't breathe it in!!!

The End?
Jessica may rethink her support of Johnathan after he gives her a neck massage she's not going to forget! Sadly, I think this is not one for our "Madly in Love with Jess" counter, and more about Johnathan Martin's emotional needs not being met by his late wife. Jess finds out that Johnathan's been giving "neck massages" to a few women around town.

She theorizes it may be jealousy that motivated another woman to kill Audrey, given how she didn't appear to be very enthusiastic about her husband when alive. But this falls through in every scenario. Loretta was having some "work" done (I'm serious), and Phyllis doesn't seem to be the killing type. Unfortunately, there is another well-established motivation for the murder of Audrey.

Money. Audrey had the winning ticket for the New Hampshire lottery, which George Tibbits, being the mailman selling them, knew about. He went to Audrey's house the night of the murder to steal the ticket. Audrey interrupted, a fight ensured and he killed her. Apparently, the postman rings once. Right after he kills you.


Kitten said...

OMG...perms! Le yuck. The smell is unforgettable. My sister actually had a perm or two before her natural curls kicked in. Can you believe it??

Great recap!! I'd visit the salon with Jessica anytime!

anne said...

This was one of the THE most hilarious episodes of MSW of all time.

Elsie said...

I remember that perm smell my friend, it's like school pool crossed with gym tennis shoe.

I'd also adore a Jess salon trip, though I'd probably offend her with my gossiping attempts.

Nomi Lubin said...

"Famous Actors?
Not that I care to research."

Aww, too bad, cause there are several terrific stars from the 50s and 60s and beyond in this great episode:

Ruth Roman, sexpot of the 1950s (also had a part in Hitchcock's "Strangers on a Train"), played Loretta, the salon owner:

Kathryn Grayson, singer and actress most prominent in the 1950s (Show Boat, Kiss Me Kate), played Ideal Malloy, the one who cried about "divorce" a few times:

Dody Goodman, who played Beverly, the nurse, was a great comic actor for many decades until her death in 2008 at age 93:

Nomi Lubin said...

(Oops, have forgotten how to do links on here...)