Saturday, January 28, 2012

Season 3: Death Takes a Dive

I was going to review another epi, but accidentally deleted it on my DVR. I blame the dog. But I'm not too broken up, because this one has Jerry Orbach in it as our famous returning detective, Harry McGraw!

Harry has gotten into boxing, supporting his fighter, "Blaster" Boyle in a match up with Shawn Schalen, the Irish Shalali! Of course he gets Jessica involved in this sticky financial venture. But Harry has gotten in over his head, and rival promoter, Wayne Talvage, pressures him into throwing a fight. It's all fun and games until Wayne Talvage is found dead.

The Suspects
Cosmo Ponzini-- Rival boxer... trainer, or whatever. Cosmo took a dive for Talvage years back, making a lot of money in the process but ruining his boxing record. Would he stoop to murder to get revenge?

Shawn Schalen-- The fighter that was going up against Harry's guy, "Blaster" in a staged match. Schalen had words with Wayne Talvage the night before he died, did his anger boil over into murder?

Dave Robinson--Ardent boxing reporter who went head to head with Talvage numerous times. It got so heated, he was forcefully removed from Talvage's gym. Did he decide to get even?

Famous Actors?
Once in love with Jerrrrry! Orbach that is. Also, a few people that were in 80's movies. Wow, have I gotten lazy. OMG ADAM WEST IS IN THIS EPISODE. The original Batman and current Mayor of Quahog on Family Guy. My brain has snapped in two.

80's Baby!
I see a preview of that "flat top" House Party hair, which is rather a triumph. Also that "crunchy" perm look we all strove for is back in force. Crispy!

The End?
Jessica is on the case to, yet again, bail out Harry. The ballistics results are in, and they aren't good. Harry's gun was the murder weapon, the evidence is irrefutable. Jessica puzzles over this as she proceeds to manage Harry's fighter, Blaster (isn't she great). She decides the fight is ON, b*tch! And prepares Blaster to get ready for the fight. To any other person this means "outsource" but of course Jessica breaks out the grey sweatsuit and helps him train. It's great.

Jessica does some digging, and discovers our reporter, Dave Robinson, also suffered under the cruel tutelage of Talvage. His father threw several fights for him and was beaten to a pulp in the process. Jessica thinks this crusade may be the motive behind Talvage's murder. But she's bothered by one key bit of evidence. That gun! She questions Harry again and he reveals that Talvage's lady, Lois Ames, paid a visit to Harry the night of the murder.

With this salacious bit of evidence, the final piece falls into place. She bails out Harry and does some ballistic theorizing, proving that Harry's gun could have been framed as the murder weapon. But only by a skilled marksman, which apparently Shawn Schalen is... because he comes out with a shotgun pointed at Jessica & co. Schalen was upset about throwing the fight, and killed Talvage to avoid having to take a dive. But he chose the wrong opponent this time around... Jess talks him down in time for the police to arrive. Easy peasy!


anne said...

I haven't watched this episode in years, as it isn't one of my favorites (for all that I love Jerry Orbach). I'd totally forgotten about Batman being in it! I do remember creepy old man Ernest Borgnine, though, and LeVar Burton from ST:TNG and "Reading Rainbow." Remember "Reading Rainbow?" I loved that show as a kid.

Elsie said...

YES the guy from Reading Rainbow!!! Thank you, that was driving me batty. Love Readin Rainbow, enjoyed it after my nap and a pb n' j sammi.

Jeff Langton said...

I played a Boxer on this hitting the heavy bad Adam WEST say something to me I had one of my first lines check me out