Monday, January 16, 2012

Season 3: The Days Dwindle Down

Well HELLLLLLLO MSW land. I could explain my absence, but I won't. Here is a make-up epi to make you feel better. Always works for me.

Jessica is somewhere sunny (shocker), and while on a "business lunch" meets Ms. Wilson. Ms. Wilson has the misfortune of being married to Sam Wilson, who just got out of the slammer. Sam is as cranky as you'd suspect, having served time for a murder he didn't commit. Or that's the yarn he tells Jessica, who listens to the story and decides to help clear his name. I'd go into the story, but it's really quite ridiculous. Supposedly, he helped his former boss, Malcom Jarvis, stage his planned suicide as a murder. I know, right? Not the brightest bulb, our Sam. So basically this epi is some sort of sequel to the movie "Strange Bargain", replete with flashbacks to the movie a la TCM. These flashbacks constitute a good third of the episode... Let me say, MSW, I appreciate the laziness. But I digress, Jess is on the case to find out who REALLY killed Mr. Jarvis!

The Suspects
Edna Jarvis-- Most certainly gained from the untimely death of her husband to the tune of a million-dollar insurance plan, or so we are led to believe...

Sydney Jarvis-- Son of Mr. Jarvis, and always a disappointment. Did he get tired of daddy and decide to take matters to the grave?

Thelma Vante-- Jarvis' private secretary who may have been playing "bedsheet bingo" with him (not my phrase). Always underpaid, did she see her chance to turn up some dough by having him murdered?

Famous Actors
Some of your typical black n' white film types. What? You don't watch those? Try the "Thin Man" movies to ease yourself into it, tres hilarious. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention Mr. Dragnet himself, Harry Morgan, looking fit as a fiddle here as Lieutenant Webb.

80's Baby!
Feeeeemale ties (are awful). Also, I spotted one of my old hairstyles, which makes me want to hit up the ice cream for comfort.

The End?
Jessica begins by sizing up Edna Jarvis, who is batty as the day is long. She also gets shot at while sleeping (do we need a counter for this?) with the old (new?) murder weapon. Interesting.... She goes to see the old detective in the Jarvis case, who claims to have "special information" for her. Flouting the fact she was just shot at, she meets this Lieutenant Webb, who doesn't shoot her. Instead, he tells her to check out old man Jarvis' "tootsie" and by this he means Velma, the secretary. He also tips Jess off to the fact that he had concerns about the validity of the insurance policy Malcom Jarvis had. Jess makes the treck to see Velma, who doesn't admit murder, but to blackmailing someone with a secret...

Sydney Jarvis! Velma had been blackmailing Sydney to hide the Jarvis family secret, that there was never any insurance policy. What's more, he was hiding this fact to protect someone.... his own mother, Edna Jarvis. When old man Jarvis attempted to commit suicide, his wife walked in. In her rush to intervene she accidentally killed him in the process (I guess this is why she went crazy). Attempting to hide his mother's guilt, Sydney let Sam take the blame, sending an innocent man to jail. Moral of the story? Too many Jarvises.


anne said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back! I've missed this blog.

I dunno, I thought that using an old movie as a springboard for a present-day episode was pretty cool. I read somewhere that they had to go through dozens of movies to find one that 1) would work plot-wise, and 2) had a cast of still-living actors. I guess it wasn't easy to fulfill both requirements.

Jessica was so sure that whoever shot at her intended to miss that she was pretty blase about the whole incident. I'm not sure I would have been so cool if there'd been a bullet hole in _my_ headboard, but that's just me.

Kitten said...

Agreed Anne, about the being shot at part! Oh Mrs. Fletcher, you are so unflappable.

"Bedsheet bingo"!! I'm so using that phrase the next time I proposition the hubby. Nyah!

Leah said...

Does the "Jess held at gunpoint" count go up even if she was shot at whilst sleeping?

Elsie said...

Thank you for your insightful comment, Anne. I'm glad you can contribute to the overall trivia of each epi, as the extent of my knowledge can sometimes lend towards "hey, that actor looks familiar."

Leah, I guess we could start a whole NEW counter that deals entirely with Jessica being shot at whilst sleeping. I bet you any amount of money we are talking double digits.

anne said...

Actually, I don't think a counter for "Jess being shot at while asleep" would go very high. However, a counter for "Jess being shot at with intent to miss," as was the case in this episode, might do better. :)

Hal Evans said...

The flashback was from a real movie where Richard Gaines (Dagwood's Mr. Dithers in the movies) as the man who wanted to be killed. I can't locate the movie just now. But it would have been the same movie that a younger man who got out of prison was in!

Elsie said...

Whaaaat!! How awesome, eagle eyed Hal! If you think of the movie let us know.