Monday, October 10, 2011

Season 3: Murder in Minor Key

There is a protest scene in this epi of MSW, how very "Occupy Wallstreet." This protest is very similar, lots of spoiled white kids in jeans.

This is one of those "Jessica is exhausted" episodes, where she lets someone else do the story telling for her. This time she's sharing her thoughts on a story she is proofreading: about a Southern Californian collegiate named Michael Prentes, an aspiring young composer. Michael's jerk of a professor, Tyler Stoneham, likes to steal his music. So when ol' prof winds up dead, poor Michael is in quite a pickle.

The Suspects
Harry Kapasean-- Harry was also bilked by Professor Stoneham, losing credit on a major music dictionary that was supposed to be his big break. Old and washed up? Major murder motive. Plus, he was the last person to see the professor alive.

Christine Stoneham-- Long suffering wife of Professor Stoneham who took his double dealings in stride. Did she finally get fed up with his lies and off him for the proceeds?

Michael Prentes-- All of his music was stolen by the professor and sold for a hefty sum. He was seen loudly threatening Professor Stoneham's life, and was last seen towering over his corpse. So, this begs the question, did he make good on his threat?

Famous Actors
Shaun Cassidy of the David and Shirely Jones fame. And of course, "Marty" of Grease fame, who's real name is Dinah Manoff. Quite the pink lady, she looks very 80's tastic here.

80's Baby!
Helllllllo gigantic women's suit jackets. Also those little combs you can put in your crazy 80's perm to mix it up a bit, and I'd be remiss if I didn't note the unfortunate "one stud, one dangle" earring fad. Ga.

The End?
Detective Shaun Cassidy (his made up name is ridiculous) decides to clear his old friend Michael in the murder of Professor Stoneham. His first line of attack is Harry Kapasean, noting that Kapasean would become the music professor now that Stoneham is dead. Kapasean smirks, and offers his condolences to a locked up Michael Pretese.

Shaun digs deeper into the professor's personal life, uncovering a treasure trove of lies and double dealings. He finds time to interview Christine Stoneham, who claims she heard from her husband just before Kapasean showed up to drop off a manuscript. Apparently, she called his office right before he met his maker.

Ok, I can see why they didn't bring little Shaun Cassidy back for future episodes, GOD is he bad. The pseudo southern accent is bad, his Colombo routine is bad. I never thought I'd be yearning for Grady's sleuthing. Shaun is confident of Michael's innocence, so he brings all the suspects to the scene of the crime to test one thing, Christine's supposed phone call the night of the murder. It's not terribly interesting, but it's impossible that the call was made, Christine crumples under pressure and confesses. And I'm crumpling over all this bad acting, give me JB back, dammit.


Kitten said...

Exactly why I never bothered to watch the non-Jess episodes!!!! I'd take Grady any day over that.

Elsie said...

It was pretty painful, aint gonna lie.

Leah said...

How the heck did you recognize Marty from Greece?

anne said...

Totally agree with everything you've said - I remember thinking when I saw this episode, "This can't really be an example of Jessica's book-writing ability, this would never make it past an editor, let alone hit the top of the best-seller list!"

On an unrelated note: I love, love, love your blog. It makes me laugh! Would you mind if I posted a link to it on my website? I'm the webmaster of The Definitive Guide to Murder, She Wrote (

Keep up the great work!

Elsie said...

Anne I'm sorry I just saw this comment now, please link away! Thank you for reading.