Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Season 3: The Corpse Flew First Class

This entire epi takes place on the glamorous scenery of an "aeroplane". Let's just say it's a bit different than what I experienced on my Southwest flight this past weekend, namely pajama-clad travelers and their oversized pillows.


I mean honestly, you HAVE to take your pillow on the plane? You absolutely cannot leave home without it? I guess I shouldn't judge, I feel the same way about my ear plugs. So Jessica is off to jolly ol' England to research her next novel. Along the way she runs into celebrity Sunny Grier, who is dripping in jewels. J.B. drowns her dry sherry before the flight (I had a weak bloody mary in a plastic cup). But all is not pomp and circumstance on this "aeroplane", Sunny's boytoy drops dead mid-way through the flight. And the expensive necklace he was carrying? Gone.

The Suspects

Sunny Grier- Despite appearances, Sunny may have fallen on hard times. Did she steal her own necklace in order to claim a hefty insurance payout?

Aero Postman- Supposedly of Scotland Yard, Aero takes on the task of investigating the murder. Pretty convenient he was on the flight, no?

Kay Davis- Flight attendant without service on her mind (imagine that). She was so nervous on the fight, she kept screwing up orders, arousing suspicion. Further, she changed her plans right before the flight to get on the plane. Did she know who would be on board?

80's Baby!

Nothing beyond your big ol' glittery belt.

Famous Actors

Sunny is a "famous" 80's actress and I leave it to Kitten to identify her. She's better at that sort of thing.

The End?

Jessica noticed a few odd things before Sunny's beau bit the big one. For one, as her bodyguard he was a terrible flyer. A funny trait to have for such a macho occupation. She also assumes that the necklace was so famous, it couldn't be sold as-is. It would most likely be broken down into stones and sold separately. Up to the task, she takes a look at the body. Once again, it's poison! And if we didn't have a million counters I'd put one up for this.

Jess also finds the flight reservations, uncovering that Sunny didn't purchase her ticket until the day before the flight. She surmises that only those that purchased tickets after that time would be suspect. And what do you know, it appears in flight attendant Kay's case, as she switched her plans right before the flight. Further complicating matters, the necklace found is a fake, fraud! So where is the real necklace? And who killed Sunny's bodyguard?

When the flight lands, the real Scotland Yard meets the plane... to arrest Aero. Aero had the necklace pick pocketed by his accomplice, hiding a fake as a decoy. They knew the necklace would never make it through Customs, so they planned to take it as "evidence" which never would be returned to the proper owner. But who killed the boytoy? That would be Sunny. She was pissed he was sleeping around, so she easily slipped him poison on the plane. A murderer arrested, a necklace found. All in a 6 hour flight!


Kitten said...

Kate Mulgrew! Star Trek, Voyager...maybe you've seen the re-runs? I'd call her more of a 90's star, perhaps. Debatable!

Lovely post! Can Jessica be my next air traveling companion? Can you imagine going through security, etc., with Mrs. Fletcher? Where's my travel pillow??

Alexander Sarmiento said...

The Scotland Yard detective is Errol Pogson.

Elsie said...

Thanks Alexander!