Monday, July 4, 2011

Season 3: Deadline for Murder

Happy 4th of Juuuuuuly everyone! Tuck in to some watermelon and grab a beer, it's MSW time.


After a salacious tabloid interview runs about Jessica, the reporter, Hascal Drake, suffers a heart attack. Small wonder, his boss rewrote the story to make Jessica seem trampish (wondering how this is possible....). Turns out, Hascal is an old friend of Jessica's. So true to form, she turns up at a lavish party that very evening to confront his evil boss, Lamar Bennett. Before she can dig her nails into him, he drops dead.

The Suspects?

I must be going to the wrong parties, nothing like this ever happens to me, to my chagrin.

Kay Garrett- Worked for Bennett and complained vociferously about how he mistreated his staff. Could she have taken matters into her own hands?

Hascal Drake-- Was furious at Bennett for messing with his story, and was so angry he suffered a heart attack. Eye for an eye?

Billy Simms- Longtime "friend" of Bennett's who held a serious jealousy grudge against him. Which is weird, because I only see this in female friendships.

80's Baby!

Thank God I wasn't a working woman in the 80's. The shame.

Famous Actors

Nope. Just killin time until the Magnum P.I. epi, I need some Tom Selleck STAT!

The End?

Due to Jessica's quick assertions that Bennett was murdered, Lieutenant Cupcake tries to question her, implying that she "stick around" until all the evidence comes in. Let's just say that Jess makes quick work of her. Jessica surmises that Bennett died of a brain hemorrhage, brought about by a lethal combo of a particular drug and alcohol. This is, in fact, exactly what the autopsy reveals.

Before Lieutenant Cupcake can get those pink, acrylic fingernails on Hascal Drake, Jessica assists him in some good ol' fashioned journalism. And BOY does she dig up some dirt. Apparently, Bennett fathered a daughter he refused to acknowledge (or support) some years back. She puts two and two together and surmises that the illegitimate child is, in fact, Kay Garrett. Quite a motive, wouldn't you say?

But Kay never knew who her father was, only one person did. As his oldest friend, Billy Simms knew that Kay was Bennett's child. Billy also wrote the article about Bennett's death, which indicated the cause of death as a cerebral hemorrhage. A fact that the cops kept from the press intentionally. After Jessica is caught snooping (we need a counter for this), Bill reveals that Bennett asked him to fire Kay and discredit her. This was the final straw for Bill, who adored Kay. He slipped Bennett the deadly drug before he left for the party. Let this be a lesson to you, no pills from enemies before your July 4th cookout.


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Counter created!

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The snooping counter is pretty awesome.

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I agree with Leah, 100%. In bold, and underlined. All caps too...why not?

Kitten said...

I need some Tom Selleck...STAT! If only I had a nickel for all the times I've heard or said that.

We watched the Tom Selleck profile on the Biography Channel a few weeks back. Do it.