Saturday, June 25, 2011

Season 3: Unfinished Business

"Snapped" marathons make it hard for me to sleep at night, so its time for some MSW! I promise, you'll sleep like a baby.


Retired cop Bernard (Barney) Kayle is determined to clear one last nagging case, that of the drowning of Loyd Dickson, of Cabot Cove fame. Unfortunately for Cabot Cove residents, that means they'll be put to the third degree as suspects, including our town doctor, Seth. Before he can get started on an old case, Gary Roberts, a local thug, turns up dead in the very room Barney was supposed to be staying in. And Seth is missing... oops.

The Suspects?

I'm NOT putting Seth down as a suspect, as annoying as he sometimes is. So here's what things look like:

Cynthia Tate- Former secretary of a beleaguered hospital that Loyd Dickson was investigating before his suspicious death. She was staying at the same motel as Barney, and had motive and opportunity to remove him once and for all!

Jake Sanford- Owns a local motel, and EVERYONE is really rude and mean to him. I wish I was there to put them all in their places. I can outbitch anyone. Anyways, as the owner of the motel he knew which room Barney was staying in, and he was a suspect in the Loyd murder. Did he murder Gary by mistake?

Dr. Terry Mahew - Head of the hospital Loyd was investigating before he bit the bullet. He was, you guessed it, also staying at the motel on the night of the murder. What's more, his shotgun was used to murder Gary. Open and shut?

80's Baby!

I so remember those African-style beaded necklaces, mostly because they were essential dress-up wear when we raided my mother's closet. We didn't have pierced ears at that point, so I couldn't wear the GIGANTIC plate-sized earring's sported by Miss Tate.

Famous Actors

Hayley Mills, of "Parent Trap" fame, replete with her lil English accent.

The End!

Seth got "lost" in the woods the night Gary was killed, but unfortunately no one can verify his little alibi. The local sheriff (who, for some reason isn't Amos...) demands everyone stick around until forensics shows up. Since this is the backwoods, that will take a few days. Jessica points out that this is, in fact, illegal, but he just accuses her of being from the "big city". Thank god for big cities.

The shotgun used to kill Gary is found in the woods, making things look verrrry bad for Dr. Terry Mahew. Mahew proclaims his innocence, claiming the gun was stolen from his room. Jess then puts the screws to Gary's widow, Maggie. She reveals that Gary was a former inmate, and was cooking up a big plan to make some money. Through some Fletcher-style staging, Jessica proves the murderer knew he/she was killing Gary on purpose, and not by a case of mistaken identity. After this dramatic scene, Barney falls ill from poisoning. Even with this distraction, Jess has time to interview Cynthia Tate, who has a pretty crappy alibi for the night Gary was murdered.

Jess points out that everyone's alibi sucks (using different words), but she knows that no one could have planted poison in Barney's drink other than Barney himself. What's more, she reveals that Gary's former cell mate implicated Barney in Loyd's murder. Apparently, Barney had Loyd killed to cover up some shady dealings of his own. Gary came to blackmail him, and Barney pretended to drag up the Loyd case so the former suspects would be suspected of the crime. What he didn't factor in, was Jessica Fletcher!


Kitten said...

They never factor in Jessica! Should learn by now that she always pops up. Terrific post! Good use of "replete"...such a fun word to say aloud.

I'm going to try accusing people of being from the big city and see how effective it can be. Snort!

Elsie said...

It's such an effective insult because you couldn't realistically use it the other way around, "You salt of the earth, rural backwater folk!" See? That just sounds elitist.

Kitten said...

Never sound elitist unless you're answering a question in a grad school lecture. Then by all means...pomposity reigns supreme!