Sunday, May 8, 2011

Season 3: Night of the Headless Horseman

I spotted a shot of Greg Brady in the preview for this epi. This was exciting enough to distract me from Fuse's 100 sexist hip hop videos. A rare feat, I tell ya. Bigggg pimpin speeeendin Gs...


Remember that Sleepy Hollow cartoon Disney used to play around Halloween? We have the live action of that pumpkin throwing headless horseman scenario in the start of this epi and it's nowhere NEAR as scary. The purpose for the hijinks's seems to be conflict between rival suitors for the town sweetie, Sarah DuPont. Jessica is in town to see Dorian, one of Sarah's suitors. Picture the live flesh version of Ichabod Crane. Nate Finnley (aka G Brady) is the other. When Nate is found with his head lopped off, the fun and games truly begin.

The Suspects?

Dr.Kent Walker-- Town dentist who admonishes people for drinking coke and insists on being called "doctor." We call these types of people "assholes". And they are natural murder suspects.

Dorian Beechman-- That's right, poor Dorian is suspect numero uno due to his shaky alibi and rivalry with Nate.

Mr. DuPont-- Lied about his whereabouts the night of the murder, and what's further, recently unearthed an embezzlement scheme that involved Nate Finnley. Did his anger at his losses get the best of him?

Famous Actors

I really cannot account for why Greg Brady is so strangely attractive in this epi... So let us say no more.

80's Baby!

Nothing beyond your serious perm.

The End?

Dorian wants to impress Sarah so badly that he tells everyone Jessica is his mother. So she has to spin a tangled web of lies to impress the town folk. The simple, salt of the earth kind. After the murder, the local Donut Patrol promptly locks up Dorian. Jessica comes clean with her true identity, which is all the better because Mr. DuPont has already found out and they have a fiery exchange. Mr. DuPont insists he had nothing to do with Nate's death, and claims he discovered an embezzlement scheme involving Nate and his boss. DuPont was tipped off to the embezzlement by a poorly written letter.

Meanwhile, Dorian is released from the pen due to lack of evidence, and promptly begins drinking. After cracking his tooth on an olive (yes, an olive), they head over to the local dentist, Dr. Kent Walker. Kent has nothing to contribute to Jessica's inquiries, but he does have a bizarre theory for why Nate's boots were found on the opposite feet. Jessica dismisses his amateurish detections, moving along to another line of inquiry. She focuses on Nate's colleagues, one who has a sad story about a missing daughter....

Dr. Kent Walker was engaged to this daughter, who met a mysteriously tragic end. She met that end after she entered into an affair with Nate Finnley! Kent harbored serious resentment at Nate, and waited until his opportunity to strike... And when he found that moment, he cut off his head. Yikes, serious stuff, MSW. Jess catches the next train out, that's our girl!


Kitten said...

Dripping with sarcasm...just like I like it!

Ummm, are you sure that you didn't just make up this episode? I'm going to look it up and view. we have to fear eating olives??

Fuse's 100 sexiest hip hop videos or 100 sexist videos? One in the same? Text me next time and I'll tune in! :)

Elsie said...

They are, in fact, different. Sometimes Fuse will also have on "More 100 sexy videos" which further adds to the confusion.

Kitten said...

There's more than 100?