Sunday, April 10, 2011

Season 3: One White Rose for Death

Wow, Season 2 took FOREVER to end. It's all because I work too hard. Just give me a furlough and I'll have Season 3 done in a jiffy. Just KIDDING! I kid.

Jess is in DC this week, flying in a little white suit. It's truly a shock to see people not in sweat pants during this airport scene. However did they do it? Jess is rubbing elbows with the international set, as is her wont. Some East German musicians will be attending a big event, and are eager to make Jessica's acquaintance. Before their key performance, the whole party is abducted by Jessica's old friend in the British Secret Service, Michael McKelty. While ensconced in the false safety of the embassy, another special agent is murdered. Yes. It's one of THOSE epis.

The Suspects?
Mr Wickham-
British special agent that spoke a lot of his time in Africa. Pretty talkative for someone under deep cover...

Franz Mueller- East German defector who is willing to betray his country at any cost. Does that include offing a secret agent who may expose his defection?

Michael McKelty- Sure, he's an old friend, but that's the oldest trick in the MSW playbook. Michael has another shady cover for this assignment, and forcibly removes Jess to the embassy under gunpoint. With friends like these...

Famous Actors
That would be a NO. But I enjoyed the suspense.

80's Baby!
Are awful German accents on TV shows an 80's thing? No? Ah well.

The End?
Ok prepare yourself for some international intrigue... Jess finds a white rose grasped in the hands of the deceased. She thinks it has something to do with a special operation that several countries were involved in. Of course, everyone else thinks he just passed out dead with a flower in his hand. She also picks up on the fact that he was poisoned, cyanide to be precise, due to the half moon on the nail beds. I wonder if this detection technique has ever, in history, happened in real life.

Jess uncovers that one of the East German musicians, Franz Mueller, wanted to defect. After a lot of hysterics by his annoying sister, Jess rules him out as a suspect. Instead, she focuses on events which took place in Africa a few years ago. Apparently, a civil rights leader was killed in South Africa by an assassin. She theorizes that the same assassin is responsible for the death of Dr. Lynch. Still with me? Yeah, I thought so.

Jessica confronts Andrew Whickam, who casually pulls out his pipe. Michael is too quick for him, because as you guessed it, the pipe is a secret agent killing device. Or, in other words, a knife. Mr. Whickam is the assassin from Africa all those years ago. After he was recognized by a fellow agent, he killed him to avoid exposure. I, of course, knew it from the start. Pipes are always suspicious.


Kitten said...

Pipes = suspicious

...couldn't agree more!! can it be that don't remember this episode? Guess this means I have some additional MSW refreshing to do. I'd never complain about that!

Superb recap...I chortled many times!

Elsie said...

This one was fun and easy, I cringe at 2-part epis. They fatigue me.