Sunday, March 13, 2011

Season 2: If the Frame Fits

Is it just me, or does Season 2 of MSW feel endless. Like a baseball game.


Lloyd Marcus, an old friend of Jessica's, invites our gal to stay and discuss his new manuscript. Unfortunately, they don't get far into the discussion before one of his priceless paintings is lifted. After that downer, they go off to enjoy a night out, only to return home to find Lloyd's daughter, Julia, murdered.

The Suspects?

Mr. Forbes- Butlers are ALWAYS a suspect. Esp ones that get paid minimum wage to answer doors and draw baths.

Mayor Frank Tilly- Mayors are ALWAYS a suspect. But never do hard jail time, that's what staff is for. Frank is also in the insurance business, and had sold a large policy to Julia's family, paintings included, before the murder. Hmmm.

Donald Granger- As Julia's husband, he had motive. Not only was the marriage tumultuous, his button was found at the scene of the crime. Quite damning.

Famous Actors

Nope, better luck next time.

80's Baby!

There are some gigantic earrings on display here. And some really unfortunate short-and-spiked-on-the-top-and-I-wear-coral-lipstick hairdo's. I'd also be remiss if I didn't relay this little quote, "This is the 80's Ms. Fletcher. Promiscuity is not exactly front page news." (!)

The End!

Due to the damning evidence at the scene, Donald is arrested for murder. But, don't let this shock you, Jessica is unconvinced. Donald's button seems far too convenient. Officer Whosawhat doesn't want to hear it, he locks up Donald and wipes his hands of the matter. This isn't good enough for Jessica, and soon she's hot on the trail. After an efficient gossip at the local country club, she finds out that Donald was previously involved with Julia's sister, Sabrina.

Jessica thinks all this family tumult resulted in a father who really hates his son in law. She confronts Lloyd with the all-too convenient evidence of the button, and of course he falls to pieces. Donald is released, poor Lloyd is accused of planting evidence. Rallying in her usual style, Jessica turns her attention to the Butler, Mr. Forbes. Apparently, his alibi isn't up to snuff. But he does reveal that all was not well in financial land for Donald's family.

After a whole lot of "the clock was broken" and "how did you know what time it was?", Jessica confronts Donald. He would stand to collect after his wife's death, a fact that was not lost on Jessica. After she throws some more evidence in his face, he hangs his head and admits defeat. Now it's Jessica's time to wash her hands.


Kitten said...

Yep...mayors and butlers are always suspects!! So it was Donald all along? Sigh. I confess that I don't remember this episode at all. Not even that nifty quote about promiscuity! Great post!!

Charlene said...

This is one of my all time favourite episodes! The Binky character is priceless...."a pizza cutter...huh!