Sunday, February 13, 2011

Season 2: Christopher Bundy

I usually refuse to review epis featuring that ne'er-do-well Grady, but the audio wasn't working on "Trail by Jury." So here we are. Thanks Netflix.


Christopher Bundy has acquired publishing rights to some of Jessica's stories. Bundy publications offers your run of the mill men's magazine, replete with scantily clad women. Jessica isn't exactly thrilled at the prospect of her stories appearing in such a rag. Grady, being an excellent judge of character, works for Mr. Bundy. After Jess appeals to Mr. Bundy, he invites her to stay the weekend. Then he dies.

The Suspects

Vanessa Bundy- Niece of Mr. Bundy who seems a tad fearful of dear old Uncle. Seems she had motive, since some of his fortune will go to her.

Bert Yardly- Mr. Bundy's executive assistant, who excels in breaking legs and not taking minutes. Did he get antsy for a raise and off his boss?

Chester Harrison- Former business partner who recently lost his publishing house to Mr. Bundy. Interrupts dinner by threatening Bundy's life. Ding-ding! Suspect!

Famous Actors

Robert Stack! Primarily known as the "Unsolved Mysteries" host, but found fame in TV and film throughout his illustrious career. Heart him.

80's Baby!

I love that curly, helmet-head look on a man. I also noticed some real breasts on a woman during a swimsuit scene. Yep, those will be extinct soon.

The End?

Mr. Bundy isn't dead 20 minutes before his relatives ask for the company's books. Seems they are a bit anxious to get the financial situation sorted. Officer Dumbass overlooks this, instead questioning Chester Harrison, who has an alibi. His car broke down a few hours away, there was no way he could have reached the house in time to shoot Bundy.

Jessica takes advantage of security cameras placed all over the property, finding some secret passageways the murderer might have used. She also does some snooping, uncovering Bundy's butler as an "Undercover IRS Agent." Apparently, Bundy's books were less than clean. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean Grady goes to jail, the "Undercover IRS Agent" was simply tying up loose ends on Bundy. Lame.

Jessica then moves on to the alibi's, confirming Chester's and Bert's, which leaves one left. Jessica neatly traps Vanessa in a lie, something about a recorded alibi. Trust me, as lies go it's not important. She does one of her dramatic confessions with Officer Dumbass present. Vanessa spills the beans, something about how mean Bundy was to her dad. Whaaa!


Elsie said...

Love the design! Nice one Kitten.

Kitten said...

Robert Stack!! The best.

I must've avoided this one too because of the Grady factor. (Eww.)

"...excels in breaking legs and not taking minutes." LOL!

Elsie said...

I love the "we heart Jessica" logo, nicely done!