Sunday, January 30, 2011

Season 2: Powder Keg

We visit a small, southern town this week. But don't get excited, I like making fun of the French WAY more than making fun of the South. Too bad MSW didn't agree. This. Epi. Is. Ridiculous.


After attending a writer's seminar, Jess hitches a ride to her friend Ames Caulfield's southern estate. Now the bad news, the car breaks down in what appears to be a faithful recreation of the town in "Deliverance." This is why I have AAA. In the first 10 minutes we have an old-timey bar fight (replete with knives and guns), blatant racism, and really bad southern accents. The morning after, Ed Bonner, the instigator of the fight, is found dead.


Matt Burns- Got a pitcher of beer and his guitar dumped on top of him at the bar fight. I'm told men find these things challenging to their machismo.

Frank Kelso- Bar-owner who frequently experienced Ed Bonner's drunk, disorderly ass. Apparently, Ed also liked making fun of the fact that Frank's wife was sleeping around. All told, plenty of motive.

Linda Bonner- Seems unphased at the passing of her brother, who very publicly beat up her sweetheart. I'm told women don't like it when their boyfriends are shamed in public.

Famous Actors

No one I particularly want to google right now.

80's Baby!

I think MSW is confusing the South with "Grease 2." Lots of jackets and slicked back hair. They did, however, get the Texas tuxedo right.

The End?

The Sheriff promptly arrests Matt Burns with no evidence I was made aware of. His sweetheart, Linda Bonner, is devastated at Matt's arrest, and yet strangely unmoved by her brother's death. Jessica also makes the acquaintance of Daddy, or Mark Bonner, our quintessential southern idiot. Mark tells us that Ed walked away from the family farm penniless, turning up later in a flashy car. Mark thinks he was selling drugs. Since we are in the South, I'm assuming it was meth but we never find out.

After a mob forms outside the prison (I'm serious), they demand Mark Burns. It's neck stretching time! The only problem is, Jessica thinks he's innocent. Right before things get ugly, Mark Bonner turns up and gives a nice little speech about letting the courts decide silly things, like "justice" by a "jury of our peers." Jess questions Ed's comrades about the night of his murder. The last place Ed Bonner went was the "bank."

The bank of Frank Kelso! Ed had been blackmailing Frank after he caught him offing his wife. Apparently, Frank killed her after he figured out she was sleeping around. Ed saw the opportunity to live large, and had been blackmailing him ever since. Kelso decided the buck had to stop somewhere, and killed him. Jessica and the Sherrif neatly collect their confession, and Jess heads to Yankee climes.


Kitten said...

Grease 2 -- LOL!!

I don't remember this episode at all. WTF!

Elsie said...

The lynch mob is reason enough, instant flix please!