Sunday, December 5, 2010

Season 2: Joshua Peabody Died Here... Possibly

Why are there no Christmas-themed MSW epis? I feel strangely unfulfilled.


Cabot Cove is ALL up n' arms over a new development. Protests are in full swing, complete with cardboard placards and "we won't go" rhymes. But all that is put aside when a body is discovered. A really dead one. Sheriff Tupperware declares the deceased as Joshua Peabody, founder of Cabot Cove. While they are busy arguing over whether or not it's the famed Joshua Peabody, the developer of the subdivision, Henderson Wheatly, is found dead.


Del Scott- Local news reporter who has had run-ins with Henderson in the past. She was digging up a big story on his shoddy construction. Did she up the ante with a juicy murder?

Harry Kawasaki- Lead contractor of Wheatly's little project. Had a fiery temper, and - let's face it - he IS a contractor. Those are fast approaching lawyers as the employment detestment du jour. PLUS he had an awful hand injury the day after Henderson's death, was he injured in a struggle to the death?

David Marsh- Local enviro-activist, currently moonlighting as the local antiques dealer. That's quite a combo, so yeah, that makes him a suspect.

80's Baby!

Sweater coat? Check. Sweater coat with Cosby design and shoulder pads? Check, check.

Famous Actors

OMG Chuck Conners, the star of the "Rifleman" !!!! . Here we see him as special agent Fred Keller. If you have never seen him in the Rifleman, get yourself some DVD copies, stat. Or just watch that opening sequence on YouTube again and again. Oh, this epi also features Kristie Alley.

The End?

I gasped when "Special Agent Fred Keller" arrived on the scene to accuse David Marsh of bombing a post office back in the 60's. Not the bombing part, the dashing good looks of Chuck Conners. Despite his shady past, and the fact that David was spotted near the murder scene, AND the fact that Sheriff Tupperware recieced an anonymous tip, Jess thinks he is innocent. It's female intuition, what can one say?

Ok, minor annoyance, they can't keep David's name straight. Sometime they call him David, sometimes Daniel, sometimes Dale. This is a significant irritant on a Sunday evening. Please MSW, let's keep it straight. Jess continues to fuss over Kawalski's injured hand, bringing him balm and picking apart his story of getting injured. Apparently, Mr. Wheatly did not have a stellar safety record, AND he was indirectly responsible for the death of several employees due to poor working conditions. Several of them were friends of Kawakski's. THIS WILL BE IMPORTANT LATER.

Jess pretends to give an interview with Del Scott about Joshua Peabody, and neatly turns the table on Miss Scott. Apparently, Del was related to a workman who met his end at the hands of Mr. Wheatly's poor working conditions. With the cameras rolling, Jess explains how the murder happened. Del lured Mr. Wheatly to construction site, shot him, and dumped his body in the location Joshua Peabody was found. "It's all a lie!" She cries, but she's no match for Jess, who out logics her on a slip she made about discovering the body. Oh, and that old skeleton? It's not really Joshua Peabody. And no, I'm not going into it.


skippy said...

that's not kirstie ally, darlin, that's meg foster

Jakob Joergensen said...

Love this episode. One of the best in the serie :) Please start new seasins!!!