Sunday, November 28, 2010

Season 2: Sticks and Stones

Ok, ok. I have an excuse for the lack of posts. NANOWRIMO. There, happy? I am, my sweet novel kicks some serious ass. Not as much as Jessica does on MSW though, natch.


Anyone fond of a nice hot bath has a serious fear of the bathtub murder. Or maybe just I do. But one fine day in Cabot Cove, a seemingly accidental electrical bath death has murder written all over it. The victim is Beverly Gareth, heiress to a swath of land developers have been eyeing. No one thinks much of it, but after a series of poison pen letters make their way around Cabot Cove, Jess sniffs out a conspiracy.


Michael Digby-- Travel writer on assignment in Cabot Cove. Suspiciously appears on Jess's doorstep claiming an earlier acquaintance. Is this merely a handy cover up for murderer?

Sheriff Harry-- Sheriff Tupper is all set to retire, leaving Sheriff Harry to assume the Cabot Cove "my cat is stuck in the tree" throne. Harry was formerly a real estate agent, was he in cahoots with Beverly to sell her land? After he was in cahoots did he make a deal? After the deal did he get greedy and kill her? Perhaps.

Larry Burns-- Supposedly "fixed" Beverly's TV chord just a week earlier. Interesting then, on the day of the murder the chord was so frayed that it lit ol' Bev up like a Christmas tree.

80's Baby!

Nothing beyond your serious perm.

Famous Actors

John Astin, formerly Jess's real estate agent and now playing Sheriff Harry. Astin has appeared in a variety of mind-bottling MSWs characters, but to me, he's just Gomez.

The End?

As the poison pen letters make their way around town, neighbor turns against neighbor. Sugar is not borrowed, newspapers are not brought up to door steps! Jess never gets one, so she investigates how to kill someone with a frayed cord. You know, some people take naps on Sunday.... She does get around to investigating the letters. But before she gets to interrogate Elvira, the secretary of Beverly's father, she finds her dead, hung in the front yard. Elvira left a "I wrote all the letters" suicide note, written on a typewriter. But there's a problem, people with arthritis have a hard time, you know, using their hands and such. Would make tying a hangman's knot pretty difficult, non?

Jess sniffs out that Beverly trusted Elvira, and might have told her something to make her a liability. What's more, she theorizes Elvira sent the original poisoned pen letter that warns of Beverly's untimely death. The killer knew about it, and flooded the town with fake letters in order to divert attention. After she pieces it together, Jess waits at the crime scene for the killer to show up.

Well, HELLO Sheriff Harry. "I saw the light on in the basement," Harry lies. Harry conspired with Beverly to sell her land to investors, committing arson in the process. Beverly tried to blackmail him, telling Elvira about the scam. Harry had to kill them both to cover up his crime. "I've always liked you Jessica" he states calmly, aiming his gun at her. Too bad! Jess always has back up in these situations. Harry goes to the slammer and Cabot Cove is stuck with Sheriff Tupper. Game over.

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Kitten said...

Very muy bueno!! Who isn't afraid of bathtub murder, or it's counterpart...a shower stabbing?? They should do PSA's about this!