Sunday, October 3, 2010

Season 2: Murder in the Electric Cathedral

How fitting, a evangelical MSW epi for Sunday! And a Southern one at that, praise the Lawd!


Willie John Fargo is a preacher for the "Electric Cathedral," a popular TV show in Oklahoma. And WTF is up with that name. Coincidentally, Jess is visiting an old teacher in the area, Carrie McCetric. Carrie is a wealthy woman of leisure, having found a big pool of Oklahoma crude back in the day! All that wealth comes at an, er, price... Her son and grandson are after her to change her will, and that smooth evangelical is moving in on her money. Well, someone got their way, because Carrie ends up dead.

The Suspects

Willie John Fargo-- Evangelical who swindled Carrie out of her cash right before she kicked the bucket. Did he take things the wrong way when she backed out?

Sister Mary-- Fargo's devoted wife. Was she suspicious Carrie was getting some of hubbs on the side? And, ew. Frankly, ew.

Sam McCetric-- Carrie's grandson, fabricated a fake will to give himself all Carrie's money. So basically, just don't get rich and leave money to folks. Such drama.

Famous Actors

Dick Van Patten! Who was in such Mel Brooks classics as Spaceballs and High Anxiety. Don't believe the wiki twaddle about him being best known for "Eight is Enough." Spaceballs, all the way. "Suck.. suck... suck." Speaking of sucking (sorry, had to) we also have Barbi Benton. Probably best known as one of Hugh Hefner's lady loves. And her hair is ridiculous here.

80's Baby!

Headbands! Big ones.

The End?

Jessica feels compelled to investigate Carrie's death, having found a syringe smelling (yes, smelling) of cyanide. Foul play is afoot, and with all these different wills flying around, no one is sure who Carrie left her money to. Jess debunks the "new" will which leaves all the money to the McCetrics. After that, she gives Willie John a friendly lecture about swindling money from old women. All in a day's work, folks.

Even though medical records are sealed, Jess determines that Willie John is a diabetic, meaning he has EXTREME access to syringes. Awesome. Jess also finds out that McCetric was not where he said he would be the night of Carrie's death. Things take an unexpected turn when Jess, through logic I was bored to tears by, determines Willie's long suffering wife, Sister Mary, was actually the culprit. Apparently, she couldn't stand his sanctimonious 'tude any longer. Willie relents his ways, and Jess consoles him. Now, that's solved! On to Monday...

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Kitten said...

Hubbs on the side...ewww!!!

Such a lovely post, I LOL'd liberally. :) I can't believe anyone would attend "Electric Cathedral". Seriously, people. Reminds me of "Electric Company" on PBS.