Sunday, October 24, 2010

Season 2: Dead Heat

Were getting to the bottom of Season 2, and I'm still resolutely against reviewing, "Jessica behind bars." It's just so... wrong. Instead, I was instantly drawn to, "Dead Heat" and its reminder of those 80's-era soft porn movies (USA, UP all night!). Instead, we have a mystery involving a female horse jockey. How's that for a downer?


I'm not at all motivated to do this, but one day I'm going to create a Fletcher family tree. Ok, so yet another of Jessica's nieces, Tracy, is a horse jockey in a key race. But there are allegations of cheating all round after she wins under curious circumstances. Things get worse for little Tracy when she is accused of murdering Mr. Bowen, the local horse trainer. Similarly, things got worse for my stomach after that 4th egg roll. Sorry, off topic.

The Suspects

Vicki Gallegos-- "Friend" of Tracy's who's hubby, also a jockey, was suspiciously sick right before the big race. Pretty convenient, wouldn't you say?

Carols Gallegos-- Jockey of Bowen's in on his scheme to fix races. Bowen threatened Carlos's sudden turn of conscience, did he off him in return?

Mr. Shackman-- Local mob-man interested in fixing horse races. Bowen wasn't bringing in the big bucks like he promised. Did he knock off him to protect his investment?

80's Baby!

Just the usual. Saddle bags and ugly sweaters.

Famous Actors

Norman Fell of Three's Company landlord fame. Booooring.

I read that again and it came off as really mean. No disrespect Mr. Fell, "Three's Company" was just before my time is'all.

The End?

Jess and Tracy put their heads together in every restaurant scene MSW has ever featured. Tracy indicates some random things were afoot before the race, multiple doctors checking out the horse, an alternate training scheme for the big race. Jess is all over it. She goes after the rival jockey couple, Mr. and Mrs. Gallegos. Carols claims that there is no way the horses could have been switched. He also accuses little Tracy of slipping him a "mickey" before the race, rendering him sick and unable to ride. "Friend" Vicki agrees, saying there is no other logical reason Tracy would have been selected to ride.

Jess learns that Mr. Shackman placed a very strategic bet right before the race. Well, too bad for her, because his henchman find her meddling and promptly have her picked up. He attempts to threaten her over a lobster dinner, in a restaurant that looks vaguely familiar... but Jess gives it as good as she takes it. She eliminates Mr. Shackman as a suspect, even as he continues to point the finger at Tracy. The police agree, and charge Tracy with murder. Seems someone has been very busy planting evidence in her locker.

Jess figures there are 2 horses, swapped for one another to win an easy race. Unfortunately, she finds the other horse. I say, "unfortunately" because she gets held at gunpoint after her discovery (counter alert!). Jess easily slips out of that dilemma, in time to accuse Vicki of murdering Mr. Bowen. Using a phony ticket as her alibi, she killed Mr. Bowen after he threatened her husband with deportion. If we only had comprehensive immigration reform, none of this would have happened. And, scene!


Kitten said...

Again the need for comprehensive immigration reform is illustrated by a horse racing episode of Murder She Wrote!

Re: the Fletcher Family Tree...I think a flow chart is in order. I wonder how many siblings Jessica and Frank had to generate all of these nephews and nieces???! Prolific family.

Elsie said...

Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) or lack thereof, is the root of all societal ills. I'm glad MSW is of the same opinion.

Flow chart, I say that's one for K-I-T-T-E-N!