Sunday, September 5, 2010

Season 2: Sing a Song of Murder

We're in jolly old England this week, catching up with Jessica's feisty Irish cousin "Emma." A nod to Angela Lansbury's roots, no less! This also means everyone except Anglea has to suffer through a terrible English accent. Ah well, tea and cakes for everyone!


Mmmm, cake. So Emma is the star of a variety act of sorts, sings nice little songs about yellow birds n' such. Everyone seems to like the bit, but apparently the show isn't doing so well. Something about declining revenues. Things start getting murderous when Emma is killed in a fatal auto accident.

The Suspects

Archie Wheems- Manager of Emma's sinking ship of a variety show. She refused to let him sell out her partnership, so it makes perfect sense he'd just off her and save himself the trouble. Such is life in jolly old London.

Oliver Trumble- Friend (with benefit?) of Emma's who favored selling the show as well. Was conveniently absent right before Emma almost gets mowed down by a taxi. Apparently, he had to go, "Get his wallet." Whatever.

Kitty Trumble- Cranky-pants daughter of Oliver. Didn't like Emma's meddling with daddy dearist. Did jealousy get the better of her? And, ew. Majorly, ew.

Famous Actors

Sarah Douglas aka one of the supervillains in the Superman movies. Ohhhh Christpher Reeve, you hunk you. And CAN you believe, we have Olivia Hussey playing the murderous Kitty Trumble. Olivia starred in THE version of Romeo and Juliet in 1968. It's the one with the cutest Romeo, check it out.

80's Baby!

Ewwwww, curly mullets. And that "wet" Jerry curl look, on a woman. Geeeee. However, I am happy to note that Emma sports a really cute leopard coat I'd be happy to flounce around in. Rar!

The End?

Jess rushes over to England to find Emma sitting primly in a limo. That brat faked her own death to determine who is behind the murder attempts. So, now I see why Jess hasn't exactly kept in touch. Emma seems like a complete pain in the ass. Still Jess agrees to investigate, and quickly makes the best of it by poking round London. She finds our cast of suspects very anxious to see what's in the will. I really hope people don't scrounge over my pittance of a will after I go. Kinda depressing.

Teaming up with our quintessentially English-looking inspector from Scotland Yard, Jess stakeouts Emma's hideaway to make sure she's safe. Just before they leave, Emma's trusted assistant Bridgette (sorry B), gets struck down by a car. Dies instantly! Bridgette was wearing Emma's clothing, and so the plot thickens. Do people suspect that Emma is still alive? Jess basically tells everyone this, so there's really no mystery about it.

Besides trying to get Emma to sell le business, everyone doesn't seem particularly interested in killing her. Besides, of course, Kitty Trumble! "I had to kill her, for you dad!" Kitty cites some lame excuse about letting Emma drag daddy into the second-rate acting realm of musical theatre. Ouch. Ok, tea and cake time! There are some English traditions that simply need to be honored.


Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

always great to meet another fletcher fan. thought i was the only one who was into her cowl necked jogging outfit. gotta stay fit!

Elsie said...

I LOVE THAT OUTFIT. She must own it in a million colors. Later in the show it shifts to a non-cowl necked grey sweat suit combo. Can't wait...

Joshua said...

The yellow bird song was sung by Angela in her Oscar-nominated role in The Picture of Dorian Gray when she was 18ish. Self-referential trivia alert!