Sunday, September 12, 2010

Season 2: Reflections of the Mind

Hysterical-woman shaking in this epi. The very best kind if you ask me.


Francesca Lodge is simply LOSING HER MIND, as evidenced by the fact that she believes the ghost of her dead (first) husband is haunting her. I lose my mind all the time, no ghost haunting though. JB comes swooping in to save the day, visiting Francesca in the pysch ward. Oops, just forget about what I said about my mind-losing abilities. And please don't commit me. Things get downright murderous when her new hubby, Scott, meets his end in an automobile accident. Seems like someone slipped him a jimmy before he got in the car. But who?

The Suspects

Cheryl Lodge-- Former psych ward wacko and now devoted daughter of Francesca's. Supposidly.

Francesca Lodge-- With Scott out of the way, Fran can help herself to some nice company dough, AND marry someone younger. Cougers everywhere rejoyce.

Victor Marsh-- "Friend" of Francesca's who is currently moonlighting as her personal psych doc. JB calls him on his "interesting" bedside manner. And for JB, "interesting" is not a compliment.

Famous Actors

Ann Blyth, old-school musical/dramatic actress nominated for her role in Mildred Pierce. Beyond some second-rate TV actors, that about rounds it out.

80's Baby!

Fran's perm is truly a work of art.

The End

JB sticks by her friend Francesca, vowing to unmask the culprit behind Scott's demise, and the "mind tricks" someone has been pulling on Fran. She has her work cut out for her. In the span of a few hours, Fran carries on like the wackiest mental patient you've ever seen. Lots of woman-shaking in these scenes, women are SO very unhinged. JB finds it interesting that Fran's first husband's room is sealed shut. She also finds evidence that some culprit is behind Fran's crazy episodes. Dead canaries in the garden, that sort of thing.

Bonehead sherrif is convinced that Fran is behind it all. Which, at this point, I wish she was. All this, "I'm crazy" acting is wearing on my Sunday evening nerves. It all comes together one stormy night... the phone is out of order... and Jess finds this a good time to open the sealed room, revealing the sinister props used to drive Fran batty. Cheryl is with her, flips out, and confesses that she tried to kill Scott. Apparently, it runs in the family. Jess theorizes with her mother committed, and Scott dead, Cheryl would get all that company dough. Open and shut.

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Kitten said...

OMG, excellence! I wish i could watch this episode right now! Sadly, I'm waiting on a delayed flight instead. Boo hoo.

Somebody shake me, I'm feeling hysterical!!