Sunday, September 19, 2010

Season 2: A Lady in the Lake

Football Sunday? Or football Sunday annnnnnnd MSW!


Harry Pierce, Jess's agent, takes her to a relaxing summer lodge to help her get some writing done. There she meets some unfortunate fellow lodgers. This is why I don't do B & B's. Just the thought of small-talk on vacation is sanity sapping. Things take a turn for the murderous when lodge guest, Carolyn Crane, gets her cookies tossed into the lake. Body gone! Murder declared!

The Suspects

Grace Overholts-- Seriously, that's how her last name sounds to me. Proprietor of the lodge, and all round cranky pants. After her sanity snapped, did she feel some guest drowning might be in order?

Berton Hollis-- Avid bird watcher and fellow guest. Booooring.

Howard Crane-- A-hole hubby of Carolyn, who enjoyed maligning her in front of lodge guests. He was seen basically throwing Carolyn over the side of the boat, soooo guilty!

Famous Actors

John Astin who we first saw in Season 1's Horray for Homicide. I THINK he is recurring as Jess's agent, but to tell the truth he is in so many MSW epis, it's hard to keep track.

80's Baby!

Grace wears these awful Victorian slash prairie-like blouses. Kind of like those now famous LDS dresses. Same hairdo as well.

The End?

Jess overlooks the obvious suspect, Carolyn's husband Howard. He seems too woebegone and all-round pitiful. Even though she... basically saw him throw his wife into the lake. She interrogates Jack, the resort stud who spends his time boinking the wives of hotel guests. He sports a fantastic mullet, but doesn't give much in the way of information. She does find out that Carolyn was an expert swimmer from Howard, who claims he himself never learned.

Jess thinks the whole thing is fishy, Carolyn might have faked her death in order to get out of an unpleasant marriage. Note to Carolyn: it's called a divorce. Unfortunately for Carolyn, her body is found the next day. After unveiling an affair between Howard and a lodge guest, things are looking VERY bad for Howard. Even as he his hauled away by Sheriff Loseafew, Jess remains unconvinced. She joins the ride to the police station to confirm that not only did Howard Crane make a boatload selling his business, a mysterious cousin is set to inherit the proceeds now that Carolyn is dead. Oh, and about Carolyn, she was strangled before she died, so Howard could not have done the deed. But WHO could it have been?

Berton Hollis, our harmless bird watcher. Long-lost cousin of Howard who helped Carolyn orchestrate her "death". Too bad for Carolyn, he decided that he would make the plan permanent, strangling her after she used scuba gear to swim away from the boat. The money proved too tempting to pass up. So much for getting some writing done. Huh, Jess?


Kitten said...

LOL! It's always about the money...

How DOES Jessica ever find time for actual writing, anyway? This place gives B&B's a poor rap...I heart them. :)

Excellent post!

Elsie said...

I dont think I've ever actually SEEN her write, save the opening credits...

I called this one right out of the gate. It's always the birdwatcher. Always.

Kitten said...

LOL! Indeed...

There are plenty of episode where Jessica is TRYING to write, but gets interrupted. How convenient!