Sunday, August 15, 2010

Season 2: Widow, Weep for Me

I love it when Jess dresses up. In fact, I love dressing up. If I could stay in my church clothes all day, I would. But that's a dicey proposition when naps are involved. And this Sunday definitely involves naps, my friend.


Jess goes "undercover" as a rich widow at a Caribbean island resort. Think purple turban, caftan, gaudy jewels, and a 'tude to match! Unfortunately, she's not doing this just for fun (damn), but to investigate the death of a close friend, Antoinette (said with a fancy French accent). Apparently, Inspector KnowNothing thinks it was just a suicide. But Jess has her fortune teller turban on, and has a few ideas about the...


Michael Haggarty-- Irish rogue who "picks up" Jessica at the roulette table (!!!!). He also has a hard time keeping up that Irish accent, but that's ok because I've attempted it as well (only in bars) and it's really, really hard. Apparently, Michael Haggarty's credentials are suspect, which makes him a.... er.... suspect.

Sven -- Former Olympic athlete with no last name needed. Purported boy-toy of Antoinette's who broke bad after their torid affair. He needs to play some more tennis, cool that temper off a bit.

Shelly Greenberg-- Hotel security man, who was conveniently on the scene when Jess's purse was lifted. And isn't that the OPPOSITE of security! Isn't It! ISN'T IT!!!!

Famous Actors

Sorry 'bout that, I'm always cranky after naps. No famous actors that I could recognize. But like I said, am cranky pants and in NO mood to google.

80's Baby!

The glittering evening wear alone is worth a watch folks. That and the turbans, which I believe is technically is a 70's item, but which I'll note for their ubiquity in this epi.

The End?

Jess flaunts her way into the hearts and minds of all the other resort guests. She wears the jewels, she FLASHES the CLEAVAGE, has drinks with pink umbrellas in them, gambles! Well, her luck runs out, because after a romantic dinner with Michael Haggarty, her purse gets lifted outside the hotel. Everyone is predictably useless in identifying the thief. This doesn't stump Jess, who spots the thief casually chatting with our hotel security man, Shelly Greenberg. Apparently, he was on to her alias, and wanted to sneak a look at her ID. After some browbeating (done by Jess of course), she promises to put him in her new book. This should be a counter, happens ALL the time.

But all is not well, someone else is on to her alias. After accepting a ride from the roguish Michael Haggarty, she realizes they are being followed! Cue awkward car-chase scene in really old, non-fast cars. They give them the slip, but not after Michael outs her as JB Fletcher. It appears Michael knew Antoinette very well, hired by her father to investigate her death. There's more mumbo jumbo about internal familiar relations, a child born out of wedlock, blah blah blah. All shocking for the 80's I'm sure. So basically, Haggarty is a private detective and wants to team up with Jess. But rich widows only work alone. Jess doesn't believe Sven was anything more than a pleasant distraction, and turns our attention to our last suspect...

"You've got quite an imagination" Shelly Greenberg retorts, as Jess reveals he killed Antoinette for her jewels. "It was simply greed!" She squeaks, and he holds her at gunpoint (counter alertttt!). As the owner of all the safety deposit keys, he lifted the jewels, and killed her to hide his theft. Michael arrives on the scene with his own gun JUST in time, saved again! JB packs her bags, gets a kiss on the hand from our dashing Irishman, and heads back to Cabot Cove. Now that's a vacation.


Kitten said...

LOL! So good!!!

"Rich widows only work alone." Snort! Flashing cleavage, no less! Wow, I don't remember this episode at all. How did that happen?

Leah said...

Is it weird that I recognized Mary Wickes (from the Music Man); warning Jessica F. to stay away from the crab cakes and beckoning over the waiter to take her blood pressure pills?

Elsie said...

Yes! Good call Sassy. I'll add that in as a reader find. I find people strangly familar but suffer on the follow through.

Kitten you HAVE to watch, if only for the turbans.