Sunday, August 29, 2010

Season 2: School for Scandal

Ok, I'm seriously ready for fall. Enough of this sunny, heaty-hot business.


Today we are at Crenshaw Academy, where Jess is slated to provide a commencement speech. The head of the English Department, Professor Lare, throws a big ol' party to celebrate. Champagne is consumed, snacks are snacked upon, and the Professor's daughter Daphene shows up drunk, flashes the party and then jumps in the pool. Yeah, my college party's weren't like that either. We never got to swim in pools. Daphene's rowdy boyfriend, Nick Fulton, is found dead the next morning. Good thing Jess found him whilst out for a jog, running does wonders folks.


Daphene Clover- Daphene is a famous romance novelist who liked to toy with Nick. Did he toy back!?!? And then did she toy back harder, like by killing him? Sorry, I'm a bit tired today. It sounded better in my head.

Alger Crane- Colleague devoted to Professor Lare. Was angry at Daphne making such a scene, would he kill her boy-toy to get back at her?

Ron Mercer- Nick liked to hit on Ron's wife. A good motive as any, I say.

Famous Actors

John Vernon aka Dean Wormer of Animal House fame. Very cool. We also have Roddy McDowall, jack of all trades actor-wise. Roddy and Angela Lansbury were supposedly tight, which I think is awesome. I'd be friends with Roddy if I could.

80's Baby!

Jess goes a-joggin in a cowl-necked, tapered sweatpant/top combo. Viva!

The End?

Since Jessica found the body and writes about CRIME, Chief Moron decides she can help solve Nick's murder. She makes her rounds with the Chief, trying not to look bored. But it's not until an anonymous tip leads to Daphene's guest room that the murder weapon is revealed. A glass decanter without prints on it. Yeah, not exactly a smoking gun. They also turn up a blackmail note to Daphene purportedly from Nick. Jess tish-tosh'es the flimsy evidence, "My goodness Chief!" she retorts, noting these pieces could be planted. What's more, the blackmail note was written with a typewriter, one that slightly slants the letter "e."

Jess finds it's odd that Daphene didn't seem to know much about books, as she is supposedly a famous writer. Well, 5 minutes with Daphene's mother, Professor Lare, reveals that SHE had written those famous books. What's more, she confesses to killing Nick. Apparently, Nick found out about their arrangement, and was looking to cash in. Professor Lare confesses to knocking him on the head, but Jess thinks there is more to the story...

GUESS who has the typewriter with the slated "e". And GUESS when the train to Boston leaves! Yes, ye old train schedule alibi. Alger Crane! He phoned the false tip to Chief Moron, afraid that Professor Lare would be charged with the crime. Apparently, he harbored a crush on her all these years. He snuck up to the house after Nick was knocked down, but not yet dead, and finished the job. Jess hurries to give her speech, and I have to say I called this one. The guest star is ALWAYS the murderer.

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