Sunday, August 22, 2010

Season 2: Murder in the Afternoon

Ahhh, thunderstorms on a Sunday afternoon. Right up there with a pot of tea and some MSW.


JB's niece, Nita, is on a hit soap opera about a fictional town called Pittsville. The show features a masked intruder called the "Avenger" who has been killing off the town's residents one by one. Fiction becomes reality when a person masked as the Avenger offs Joyce, the head writer. All attention immediately turns to Nita, who plays the Avenger on the show. But Jess ain't buying what Officer Donut is selling.

The Suspects

Carol Jones- Joyce's minion and now head-writer and producer. WHAT a coincidence! Kind of like pushing the head showgirl down the stairs to get the star spot. Yeah, I saw that movie. Make something of it.

Larry Holland- Joyce's husband who enjoys a bit of flim-flam on the side. Claims he fought with Joyce, but then was "bar hopping" during the actual murder. "I'm hungover and sick, and now my wife is dead!" he cries. Geez Jess, give the dude a break!

Bebe Hartland- Actor threatened with the pink slip, claims she was out "driving" when the murder occurred. And let's face it, even I can think of a better alibi than that.

Famous Actors

Willam Ahterton plays Larry, who in his illustrious career was the pain-in-the-ass EPA agent in Ghostbusters. How awesome. Alice Krige plays Nita, and most recently had to work for Al Swearengen in the Deadwood series (sofreakingood). Rounding out the list we have MaKensie Phillips. Yeah, I'm not touching this one. Just read the link.

80's Baby!

It's so handy to have your tan swing bag on whilst being arrested. Hands-free, see?

The End?

Nita obviously didn't inherit the Fletcher smarts, because she is nowhere to be found after the murder. She eventually turns herself into the police, but Jess does the scolding. "Running was a very silly thing to do!" All the other cast members are thrilled Joyce is dead, and not too put out that Nita is in the slammer, assholes. Jess neatly intercepts Larry and then proceeds to dismantle his alibi. He confesses he was "warming the sheets" with Bebe, still smarting from his fight with Joyce. Bebe confirms his new story during a drunken encounter with Jess. (Bebe was drunk, not Jess. Der).

Back to the show! All the writing and producing responsibilities have turned over to Carol, and everyone is surprised to see her continue in Joyce's footsteps of killing off cast-mates. Jess walks in on a particularly angry exchange with an actor, but Carol assures her it's all out of her hands. She also claims that Joyce didn't discuss the changes she planned for the program, something Jess doesn't buy. It's not until the director gets shot by the "Avenger" that Jess FINALLY gets help from the police. Obviously, with Nita in custody, she couldn't be the masked gunman.

Jess has some fun with the show and has Carol write in some fiction of her own. It's all fun and games until she confronts Larry with evidence that he shot Joyce with his own gun. Larry tries to run, and is quickly intercepted by the police. Jess reveals she didn't have any ballistic evidence on him at all, she just went on a hunch and she confessed. Officer Donut is impressed, scene!


Kitten said...

Wow! Another episode that totally doesn't ring a bell for me today. I'm going to check netflix.

Btw, there's a Pittsville WI. It's about 30 minutes outside my hometown. Go Pittsville!

Excellent post!!!

Elsie said...

Which is funny, bc I remember almost every epi from Season 2. We all have our favorites, le sigh.

glennethph said...

Nicholas Hammond, Friedrich of Sound of Music & TV's Spiderman, played one of the actors on the show.