Sunday, July 25, 2010

Season 2: The Perfect Foil

We're in Nawlans this week, and hot damn! It sure feels like it in the muggy swamp land death valley that is DC these days. So Jess is on travel and I'm boycotting this whole "outside" business. Nah!


Jess gets guilt tripped to check in on a cousin while in the area. Too bad she screwed up her reservation, leaving her without a hotel room on Mardi Gras! Unlike the rest of us, endless vodka cranberries and a quick wash in the bar sink won't do the trick. So she tracks down Clahoun Fletcher and happens upon a smashing costume party! An aside: I really, really want to go to one of these and be Sherlock Holmes. Jess has trouble finding Cal, and no one seems to know where he is. It's not until a sword fight (yes) ensues that a dead body turns up. Uh oh! Party's over.


Cal Fletcher-- Ol' cousin's name was written in blood next to the deceased, a local gambling magnate named Johnny Blaze. Cal's a butterfly collector, and on those grounds should automatically no longer be a suspect, but of course the Lieutenant doesn't see things that way.

Lieutenant Cavette-- Seems bound and determined to frame Cal, which seems suspicious to Jess. But what could a policeman POSSIBLY be hiding? (Note: a great many things)

Gil "The Bodyguard"-- Bodyguard (der) of Johnny Blaze, who looks at him all mean-like when Johnny beats up his girlfriend, Kitty. So I really hope it's not him because he was very chivalrous.

Famous Actors

You know it's so frustrating googling things like "red-head featured in many soap operas." I just never find the results ideal. One actor I was successful in identifying is Robert Forster, who played the killer role of Max Cherry in "Jackie Brown." He looks young and luscious here. Just being honest.

80's Baby!

Johnny's girlfriend, Kitty, has one of the most unfortunate haircuts I've ever seen on a human being. I mean even for the 80's it must have gotten a few eye rolls. It's like curled and short by her face, and then kind of poodles around her head... Kind of like one of those Louie XIV wigs.

The End?

Johnny Blaze was running an undercover card ring under the guise of a private club. Assured by her cousin's innocence (remember, butterfly collector), Jess decides the best way to get to the bottom of things is to have dinner with our dashing Lieutenant. Do you notice that every restaurant Jess dines in looks... pretty much the same? Apparently, Jess doesn't, but she does get some intel from the Lieutenant. Johnny had some illicit dealings with a Congressman and his WIFE! She delivers this with much more panache than I thought it deserved, but whatever. I'm sure he had illicit dealings with everyone, hence his line of business...

After Jess befriends some of Johnny's "friends", including his girlfriend, Kitty, and his bodyguard (the dashing Robert Foster), they let her in on a little secret. Johnny was responsible for the death of Lieutenant Cavette's young son. Jess confronts Cavette, and he assures her within the span of 5 seconds that he's "over" it. She also sleuths that he was in attendance at the party that night, as evidenced by his distinctive pinky ring (!). He admits he was there, but claims he was only searching for evidence of Johnny's guilt.

Thus assured, Jess stages a dramatic rendering of the crime. She proves that Cal's costume was used to commit the crime, but it wasn't Cal at all. Through some "he is actually left handed!" and "How did he know I was his cousin?" wordplay, she reveals the killer. The bodyguard. In the study. With the letter opener. Gil admits he wrote Cal's name in blood to divert attention. Thus securing his fate, Bodyguard Gil assures a sobbing Kitty that Johnny will never hurt her again. Jess goes to dinner (same restaurant), scene!

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Kitten said...

Hilarious and hilarious episode! You are so right about the restaurants on MSW. Clearly their creative staff were at a loss with decor innovations for their restaurant sets!