Sunday, June 20, 2010

Season 2: Murder by Appointment Only

Wow, we closed out Season 1 already. Well, the epis available on Netflix instant that is. I wait for no one, Netflix!


I've exhausted my Grady jibes, that is all.

Jess is in town visiting said relative for his latest venture, working for Lila Lee cosmetics. His boss, Mr. Anderson (I say it in my head the way they do in the Matrix), is quite taken with Grady's new visitor. So he invites Jess to dinner with his young girlfriend, Elizabeth Gordon. Well, DONT cha' know it, Liz was a student of Jess' back in the day. They all agree to have dinner to celebrate this random meeting, but Liz doesn't show up. Sensing something sour, Jess and Mr. Anderson go up to her apartment to find her dead! Sprawled in her ridiculously-huge-for-NYC apartment with the place ransacked, and coral lipstick scrawled on a gigantic oil painting of... herself. What, you don't have one of those? *cough*


Norman Anderson- Long-suffering brother of Lila Lee, and president of Lila Lee Cosmetics. Was possessive and protective of his lady love, a DEADLY combination if I ever saw one.

Lila Lee- Norman's sister, the face of Linda Lee Cosmetics and resident MSW rhymes-with-witch. Offered Liz $50k to leave her bro, which Liz turned down. So, obviously, Linda got cranky and killed her. At least she got to keep her $50k. Lookin' on the bright side today.

Todd Anderson- Son of Norman Anderson. Fought with daddy dearest about his young girlfriend. "I'm tired of having conversations on your own terms!" he screeches to daddy. So yeah, Happy Father's Day, you little brat.

Famous Actors

Liz's madam (not a typo, we're getting there in a bit) has been in several MSWs, and is certainly an 80's great. But alas, I don't care.

80's Baby!

Scrunched up sleeves on leather jackets, color on lips not found in nature. Tried-and-true 80's, folks! Lila Lee wears a purple cape that I am strangely enamored by. I'm going to wear one to work one day, flounce around in it.

The End?

Jess immediately picks up on cranky Todd's hatred for Liz, but passes it off as mere jealousy (ouch). After a little Council of War with the NYC lieutenant, Jess learns there's no WAY Liz could afford that Park Avenue apartment. Note to Jess: "duh". She follows up on Liz's previous employer, and quickly ferrets out that the "telephone referral service" she purportedly worked for is really a cover for a high-end prostitution ring. So yeah, basically Liz was the Ashley Dupre of her time. The "best in the business" according to the madam. Jess figures Norman didn't know this juicy tidbit, a man can go from love to hate so easily... The madam said that, not me. I quote, it's just what I do.

Jess, replete in wool plaid and pearls, confronts Norman with this info. He claims to know from the beginning, but just loved her too much to let it get in the way. Aw, shucks. We misjudged you Norman! But there is.... just one more thing. A receipt for a $500 purchase at a men's store. Norman claims it was "for his birthday" but a bit of nosing of Jess' reveals his birthday is not for several months. After Grady sloppily talks to the store owner (sooo hard to watch), Jess confronts the former lover and recipient of the gift. A fancy tux, purchased for her boy toy. Apparently, Liz just couldn't get him out of her head (and bed, apparently). Attention turns back to the only man who would be upset by this. The only one who would have access to the unique coral lipstick that was smeared all over Liz's portrait.

Norman! The lipstick is called "Tangerine Twist". Har! And BTW, if you were having an affair and wanted to buy your lover a tuxedo WHY in god's name would you charge it to your boyfriend's account? Liz Gordon, not the shiniest marble. Norman confesses after a half-hearted, "I don't know what you're talking about." But he does, and lieutenant so-and-so is listening in from another room. Jess gives her best head shake, cue credits.


Kitten said...

I basically heart any use of the word "replete".

BTW, I was totally going to re-cap this episode, but you beat me to it!!! Love that purple cape - perfect for flouncing about!

So now I know what I should get for above our fireplace...a nice giant oil painting of myself! Tres glamourous.

Elsie said...

I guess now's the time to out myself as owning a gigantic oil painting of... myself. What can I say? I'm ahead of the curve.