Sunday, June 27, 2010

Season 2: Menace, Anyone?

I may or may not have outfitted my new bike with a basket. Ok, suspense over. I totally did. AND I play the MSW song in my head as I ramble around the neighborhood, pissing off cars as I go.


Ok, kudos for the writers on this one. This epi involves tennis... Get it! Menace, anyone? I love it. Ok so, Jess is doing the honors at a local charity tennis game. A former student of hers, (who isn't at this point) Carol, works for the racquet club hosting the event. Carol is madly in love with Brian East, one of the celebrity players. But it's not meant to be, because Brian gets blown up starting Carol's car at the charity dinner fete. And you can really tell they got a bump in production dough by the looks of the explosion. No runaway cars in this season!


Doris Robinson-- Daughter of the Carol's boss, majorly gunning for her job. And what better way to secure it than setting her up for murder?

Mitch Mercer-- Personal manager of celebrity tennis "talent" who held a major grudge against Carol. Something about Carol expecting his client to do his job. I mean, really!

Sissy Barnes-- Former lover of Brian's, and current pain in the ass on the celebrity tennis circuit. But does a woman who wears pink ruffles on a black cocktail dress KNOW how to rig a car bomb? I ask you! (yes?!?)

Famous Actors

Linda Hamilton! Sporting some serious range with her Emmy-worthy shock/grief scene after discovering a body. Seriously, she's just so great. We also have some repeat MSWers here. For one, Van Johnson appears as Carol's boss, Elliot. We last saw him as a mad scientist (engineer?) in "Hit, Run, and Homicide". Also, the detective looks a whole lot like Lieutenant Barnes in Season 1's "Murder at the Oasis".

80's Baby!

The perms are really out of control in this epi, but I can see my 80's self being REALLY jealous of them all the same. Ok, so the rundown is basically those drop waist prairie dresses (wore several to church, as I remember), a black and green striped suit with gigantic black belt, and a pink ruffled black crystal-studded cocktail dress. That last one was a challenge to describe, let me tell you.

The End?

Jess finds Carol's reaction troubling. Not only does she seem a bit too nonchalant at Brian's death, she refuses to acknowledge the fact that her sister, Barbara, is deceased. I know, but it even gets weirder. JB goes nosing around and proves that Carol was recently committed. It's not until one of the policemen get killed at Carol's house that Jess really starts worrying. Carol claimed "Barbara" killed him. You can see where this is going. So Barbara turns up after all, some kind of mistaken identity story. Nothing you haven't seen on Cold Case.

It's clear someone is trying to set up Carol. Either that or Carol did it, I guess. Jess and our hapless Lieutenant go to her house to find it ransacked, dynamite lying around willy nilly! But dynamite doesn't scare Jess off the sent. The, er, scent takes her to the racquet club, where she confronts Carol's boss, and daddy-dearest, Elliot. It doesn't take long for Jess to reveal that he had been covering for Doris all along! Apparently, he found some dynamite of hers and started asking questions. Involved fathers folks, involved fathers. While planting evidence implicating Carol, a woman she hated with a passion, Doris offed the policeman. Daughters like these folks, daughters like these.


Kitten said...

Love it!!! Linda Hamilton went all out on the episode indeed! Those were some classic perms, too. Kudos to the MSW hairstylists. Unsung 80's heroes!

Did you really get a bike basket? Where did you find it, praytell?

Elsie said...

They DO sell these. I got mine at the local Walmart, very reasonable if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, it didn't come in hot pink, so I settled for black.

Kitten said...

What, there wasn't a wicker basket??

Elsie said...

Did you also notice that JB never wears a helmet? This is pre-90's crazy-bike-helmet legislation. Good thing to, imagine what it would do to her perm.