Saturday, May 22, 2010

Season 1: Tough Guys Don't Die

They pay alimony... Haa! Am comic genius.

Harry McGraw (Jerry Orbach) makes his Season 1 debut in this Boston whodunit. And to all you Law and Order fans currently boo-hooing, I'll have you know Orbach was at his finest squaring off against Jessica Fletcher. Da Dum!


Jessica lives in an incredibly big house for just one person and no kids. Just a thought. That's just a lot of BS cleaning to put yourself through, is all.

Miles Ames, a detective friend of Jess's, gets himself shot killed while investigating a case for her. Ames had a partner, Detective McGraw, who assumes the case they were working on had something to do with his death. Jess feels guilty about all this, and quickly decides to start harassing the detective's widow to find further details of her case. We suffer through some painful cop-ish one liners before it becomes apparent that Ames was working on 3 cases before he was killed. A background investigation, a re-tread 0f an old murder (for Jess), and surveillance on an unfaithful hubby. Jess and McGraw move quickly to figure out which case holds the fateful clue. Is it...


Priscilla Daniels-- Editor of "Femininity" a top-notch women's magazine (remember Sassy?!). Ames was doing a background investigation of Priscilla-pants before he kicked the bucket. I find that INTERESTING.

Rich Santini-- Construction company owner and naughty husband. Was having his extracurricular activities put under the microscope by Ames. And since this isn't DC, people actually CARE! Very, very interesting.

Judge Carter Lambert-- Presided over an old murder trial Jess was interested in. "The case is best forgotten!" he snaps at her. Seems he got the accused off pretty neatly and is perfectly prickly about it.

Famous Actors

Jerry Orbach who doesn't appear to age from here to L&O. He's just so great. I guess if I continue to review 80's-era TV I should get used to dead actors. But still. I miss him.

80's Baby!

I swear the red-nighty-evening-dress-and-pearls outfit Jess sports at Priscilla's party is a total rerun. And OMG, you have to see Priscilla's apartment. Neon pink lights, male AND female robe-door-answering, and the most bizarre chain-link stairwell you've ever/never imagined. GAAAA, please watch this! There's even random fern placement.

The End?

Jess finds out that Priscilla is behind her own background investigation, apparently to clean the slate before her run for political office. After a chilly run-in with Judge Lambert, Jess bugs Ames' widow for more info about her case. Turns out Ames got further than she thought, a small town in Vermont (?). Seemingly with no other leads, Jess takes a trip and uncovers some revelations about the case. Judge Lambert follows her, and apparently explains the true story during the length of a 5 second car ride... So she forgives his role in the case (something to do with vigilante justice, you know, the usual). It's clear to her that the first 2 cases are a blind, and when a steakout at Santini's office gets violent, all attention turns to Santini.

While McGraw heads out to get revenge for his partner, something is bothering Jess. She looks at the case files and notices a vital clue is missing... paper ripped from the case file! Jess does some digging, and discovers the missing paper revealed a painful abortion in Priscilla's past (this scene is chock-full of inaccurate medical information, just FYI). So we only have one suspect right?

Santi... no, it's Ray Kravitz, an associate of McGraw's we meet AT THE END OF THE EPISODE. Well, not at the end, end, but introduced seriously late in the epi. Ray found out about the abortion secret of Priscilla's and planned blackmail, but first he had to eliminate Ames. Kravitz pulls a gun (counter alerttttt). "Smart, Ms. Fletcher, but soooo stupid!" But McGraw saves the day, until next time that is!


Bridgette said...

LOLZ! I seriously LOL'd several times while I read this post, and even read your "80's Baby" section aloud to Ben. Good stuff!!!!!!!

I haven't seen this episode. (Something I don't get a chance to say all that often.) But I will!! Right after I answer the door - in my robe.

Elsie said...

We will single-handedly bring robe-door-answering back!!!!