Sunday, May 9, 2010

Season 1: Broadway Malady

La la la laaaaaaaa la, la laaaaaaa, la laaaaaa! Ew. Grady is in this one. Insta mood killer.


Rita Bristol is starring in a new Broadway musical in NYC. In fact, there are 3 Bristols involved in the play. Rita is the matriarch, along with her children, actor Patty and producer Barry. They seem to be some sort of storied theatre family. Kind of like the Redgraves*. Grady wants his Aunt Jess to catch the play while she is in town meeting with "tedious attorneys." Snort! After a few painful lip syncing numbers, the Bristols invite Jess out for a family dinner. On the way home, Patty and Barry get held up. The mugger demands jewels, but before Patts can hand over, she gets shot. Barry draws a concealed gun and kills the perp dead. Open and shut?


Patty Bristol-- Has her full lady face on and hair did when Jess comes to console her. Pretty blase for a mom with a coma-bedridden-child. So... Happy Mother's Day!

Barry Bristol-- How handy to have your weapon at the ready JUST when your sis gets shot full of lead. But if someone shot my sister I'd pretty much kill them also. Then I'd pee all over their grave. Bastard.

Mark-- Caaaa-ranky director who spews his displeasure with leads Patty and Rita to anyone who will listen. Has a ready replacement as soon as Patty hits the pavement. Casting couch *cough*.

Famous Actors

Vivian Blaine, Milton Berle, and Lorna Luft is what Netflix is telling me. Milton's cameo is only a few seconds, but he's great. Lorna is the way less famous daughter of Judy Garland (half sister of Liza). She has a lovely voice, AND was Paulette in "Grease 2." Which, in many ways is way more fun that Grease. Vivian is a big deal, popularizing a role in Guys and Dolls back in the day. Was in a few WWII-era movies as well, AND a pinup in "Yank, The Army Weekly" during the war. So what did YOU do this weekend? Yard work?

80's Baby!

It's a marvel of medical science that I can wear glasses 1/4 the size of Jess's and STILL see just as well. Ahhhhh, medical progress! Now cure cancer, thanks.

The End

With Patty in critical condition and Barry off the hook for killing the mugger (Manny Farcas), Jess is struck by the randomness of the act. So she takes it up with Sargent so-and-so, a nice NYC stereotype. At least the accent fits. Jess does some casework and uncovers the mugger was obviously new at the whole, "stick 'em up" thing. What's more, she's convinced he is an actor. Back at the theatre, Mark carts in a new star to replace Patty, and the show seemingly goes on. Oh, and Grady has a new girlfriend. I would start a counter for that, but that would mean I'd have to watch all the episodes with Grady in them. So in other words, no.

Things take a turn for the worse when Rita tries to punch her own ticket. Jess makes it to her just in time. At the hospital, she has Grady dig up a list of credits for the dead-actor-mugger, her final lead. But it's too late, Rita "passes away" in the hospital. Jess invites Barry back to her hotel to "console" him. Instead, you guessed it, MSW set up time! Rita isint dead! But Barry doesnt know that, so he confesses. Barry was a producer on the mugger's last role, a deadly combination. Barry hired him to kill his sister in order to eliminate competition for the inheritance. He then drugged his mother, trying to make it LOOK like a suicide. But before he can off Jess (counter alertttt!), Rita appears and assures her son, the one who tried to kill her, that she really does love him. Now that's motherly love.

*Moment of silence for recently deceased Lynn Redgrave. A MSW fav. We loved you in, "A Dog's Life." RIP.


Kitten said...

Sigh! She WAS excellent in "A Dog's Life"...this episdode too!

Fave: "But if someone shot my sister I'd pretty much kill them also. Then I'd pee all over their grave. Bastard." LOL!!!

So good! Really makes a Grady episode tolerable. And he even gets married eventually to another more annoying character. Something to dread, I mean look forward to!

Elsie said...

Does any MSW fan LIKE Grady????