Friday, February 5, 2010

Season 1: My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean

We meet a direct relative of Jess! Meaning her brother, not like her endless supply of nieces and nephews. Anyways, isn’t that enough! Ok fine, this one takes place on a cruise ship, one of the best murder mystery set ups of old. There is also an amazing scene where Jess acts snookered to get her suspect to confess. Classic MSW.


We meet Marshall, Jess’s brother!


Ok, so if you aren’t obsessed with this show (ahem...) you have no idea how rare that is. Marshall’s daughter Pam just experienced the horrible suicide of her husband Johnny. She goes on a 2 week cruise with her favorite Aunt to get “over” his death. Hmmmm. No judgment. Surprising no one, despite the fancy-pants cruise Pam still isn’t over his death. It doesn’t help that she’s mysteriously reminded of their favorite dishes, pet names, etc. while on the cruise. Pam starts getting unhinged in that classic female way. It’s not until Andrea Reed, one part of a well-to-do cruise ship couple is found dead in her cabin that Jess sniffs out a connection. Andrea was found clutching a photo of Pam’s late husband. Was Andrea behind the attacks on Pam? Was it suicide? Did she die at the hands of other…


Captain— Leslie Nielsen!!! Huzzah! Here he plays the arrogant cruise ship captain, dismissing Jess’s theories as busy-body twaddle. She seriously just calls him “Captain.” No names needed when Leslie is in the room! Our Captain rules the roost, so to speak, and he has access to all the disturbances that had Pam so spooked. Was he in cahoots with Andrea to torture our darling Pam?

Ms. Shelly—Cruise ship director, took the job after a “bad situation,” or in MSW speak, a love affair gone bad! She is the keeper of a variety of menacing telegrams, unable to provide much in the way of explanation. She is very blonde. Yeah, that’s about it.

George Reed— Bereaved husband of Andrea. Convinced that there was, “no foul play at all” connected with her death. Anyone well acquainted with cold case files knows a statement like this makes him suspect numero uno!

Russell Thompkins— Single man taking a cruise. Claims to have a romantic interest in Pam. Um, immediately suspect.

Ramon— Some sort of boat server, assistance guy. I’ve never been on a cruise so I don’t know the proper title. Oh yeah, a steward. I surprise myself. Anyway he’s portrayed as a Latin lothario, but true to they-are-all-the-same-80’s stereotyping, he uses Italian phrases. He delivers a few of the threatening gifts/notes to Pam. Was he Andrea’s pawn?

Famous Actors

Leslie Nielsen! To me, of Naked Gun fame. To others, spokesman of Arizona Federal Bank. I kid, I kid. Not only a MGM golden boy, but part of the “Golden Era” of 50’s TV, starred in such greats like “The Wild, Wild West” (I you haven’t seen… you must. In fact, that might get its own blog). Was born in Saskatchewan. One of the most gifted comedic actors of our time. There, I said it!

80's Baby

Remember that “kiss my fat ass” swimsuit Tyra Banks was unfortunate enough to be photographed in? Yeah, first scene. Jess also writes a check. When’s the last time you did that? There’s also some cruise ship aerobics, complete with neon colored sweats and awkward, knee blasting, back jerking movements.

The End?

Jess dregs up the fact that our Johnny was adopted, the son of Andrea, the woman found dead in the cabin! Everyone assumes Andrea killed herself out of guilt. Jess knows immediately its George, and I’m not kidding, pretends to be drunk to get into his cabin. I think you have to watch this episode just for this scene. We all know that Jess doesn’t drink, but obviously George hasn’t watched episodes 1-13. She produces evidence that George lied about something, and I can’t even repeat it because its so beyond the realm of possibility. She apparently had film developed and… anyway, we’ll forgive her this one time. She threatens to go to the Captain, setting him up rather nicely. George beings stalking her, seeing the prime opportunity to toss the ol’ gal overboard. He falls neatly into her trap, and Jess gloats about it on the deck with the captain the next day. One gets the sense this episode was written entirely to maximize Leslie/Jess screen time, not a bad thing in my opinion.


Kitten said...

Oh man, there are SO many great episodes during Season 1! I remember the drunk scene fondly.

"Oh yeah, a steward. I surprise myself." Har!!

Your whole 80's Baby paragraph was guffaw-worthy. Thank you. Thank you very much!

Elsie said...

I forgot you had summerized a later Leslie Nielsen epi as well, AND named checked this one! We both surprise ourselves.

Anonymous said...

"We all know that Jess doesn’t drink, but obviously George hasn’t watched episodes 1-13." LOL! Her "drunk" scene cracked me up. Add acting to Jess' long list of talents!

Face Detective said...

This is an epic episode. The drunk acting was amazing. I especially love the fact that the dude chose to terrorize Jessica's niece (who is also Doogie Howser's Mom) by writing out her dead husband's favourite recipe! Dunh-dunh-dunh.

Elsie said...

Agree Detective, I forgot that little bit of intrigue!

Your Nose Is Quite Big said...

Poor Jess, the sound was not synchronized at ALL when I watched this, so what I'm sure was some quality drunk-acting looked terribly ridiculous. It did remind me of another of my favorite MSW scenes, when Jess dresses up as a floozy at some bar (a floozy who wears mom jeans and a scarf around her neck), teases her hair, and tries to get some information about gambling out of somebody. Fletcher hijinks are THE BEST!

"We all know that Jess doesn’t drink, but obviously George hasn’t watched episodes 1-13." Bahahahaha.

Anna Ruth said...

Do you know what episode Jessica acts drunk? It's not this one. In the one I'm talking about she's wearing something red and she's at a bar. Do you know which episode that is?

Elsie said...

Hi Anna-

I'm blanking for the moment but I'll be on the lookout for others! Perhaps we need a new counter for this!

Anna Ruth said...

Thanks! And I love this blog and Jessica Fletcher! Thanks for this blog!! :))

Elsie said...

Thanks Anna! We love you back.

Anna Ruth said...

I'm the only person my age and the only person in my immediate friend&family list that likes Jessica Fletcher. I'm glad I found someone who likes it like I do.

Anna Ruth said...

No worries I found it! It's 5x10.

Elsie said...

Nice job Anna! I think I'll treat this as a special recap request!

Anna Ruth said...

Don't know what that is but ok! :))